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I can still access the problems on my side of the peanut vendor without Actively being in pain. And if and I guess like if your creative process relies on you being unhappy that that's something to examine, because I don't know I when I'm creative, there's ah, It's frustrating. It's hard work, but sometimes there's a joy to it. And I just don't feel what I'm feeling. The things that I feel I don't I don't feel Necessarily creative. But this is a problem for a lot of people seeing yourself as synonymous with your Depression, your sadness, your anxiety or whatever. And all I can say is That you'll find another way through. You can always write about. You can still access if you want to write about your depression, or you want to write about your anxiety, But you are right about character. Who has that I I can almost promise you you will be able to Right about that character having Gotten better. In yourself. You'll still be able to remember what that was like without having to like, Immerse yourself in. You know, I want to play a song now. So this is something you uploaded to YouTube about a decade ago. It's heading towards six billion views. Now we have to censor this hilariously for public radio. But this is f me, Ray Bradbury, take a listen to this e said. Oh, Steve, You're cute, but movies on one.

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