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Kunar man weekdays noon to three rko great no patents you must be pick white eight me so mutate to do like a go but uh once you how are you good to see through 2003 here on the great w you are ko okay i never knew was a food allergy boley until i saw peter rabbit with it a lashed in on saturday there is a scene where there is a guy with a blackberry allergy and they pelt them with blackberries and now all of a sudden sony pictures is apologizing there is a boycott now on the internet hashtag boycott peter rabbit and now they're saying this is food allergy bullying uh jared i'm just curious as somebody as you're filling in for brittany today she's gonna be back tomorrow as somebody got nephews yes one of them has a food allergy correct are you going to take them to see peter rabbit or rao are you going to boycott the moon well i don't know if i want to take him to see the movie um just because i have no interest in seeing it and they have been great lately so you know they gotta to learn but um i don't know i my concern is because it's so serious that it off the kids pick up on this and some kitted school decides oh hey that was funny when they did it and peter rabbits armina throw a peanuts at this kidney goes into whatever but but at the same time the boycott the whole thing it's i think really what's going on here is what's been going on since quite frankly 60s where parents don't want to parent any more they want the movie to tell them oh no don't be a bully rather than sitting down with a kid and saying hey so what they're doing in the movie is very dangerous and very bad and you have to not do that but parents don't want to do that they want they want everybody else to tell.

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