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And going back and just seeing what we you know why did Mary Shelley right Frankenstein it was what was going on in her life she's really a tortured soul she had lost her daughter I think really horrible things that happen but she had attended a science show if you will that showed reanimation and it just showed electricity and how did the the they took a dead frog attached electrodes to it then you know generated some electricity hit those electrodes and the frog moved okay and so it was hurting now back to life and just not but yeah just moved and nobody had ever seen that before and so the idea back then was science might be able to regenerate life okay didn't have that don't have that ability but science the same thing happened with we can create the perfect human back in the forties and thirties with the **** it didn't work we now have the technology to do some of these things so man has been going down this road for a very very long time and it is and science is just catching up to man's most horrific and horrific dreams it's here it's really here this time and I don't think we're thinking about it because we're so distracted by I got so many likes on Facebook yeah and we've just become used to all the stuff I remember what it was in in Houston and the toll tag thing was a big deal to Houston Texans I don't get net because they'll they'll know wherever I am this seed on the toll will know where I am the low my name in the long run it but now we give up our information so quickly and so easily we don't even think about it you know and nobody is talking in Congress about protecting our information that one of the biggest things that can be done right now and should be done is that you are in charge you are the only owner of any information that is a that is on you so in other words any Facebook or anybody else collecting things you have access to it and you can say dump it it's mine that's me that's part of me is what should be is the way it should be but we're not demanding it we are allowing people to do profiles on us our spouses don't know us as well as Facebook knows us we most likely don't know ourselves as well as Facebook knows us and certainly Google how much information they are yeah and you have no access to it that's me that's mine that's part of me we've given it up for free the government needs to say you have no right to that information but anything in particular on the podcasting to direct people to today just background leashes in general because it's all in all it's all different aspects all felt as.

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