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Bus crash in new jersey deal and jeff ski was on the bus when it collided with a dump truck and we toppled over the highway people got out of the windows and they got out of the emergency exit on the top of the roof as student and teacher were killed forty three others were injured in that crash the president says he was clearly talking about ms thirteen when he referred to some illegal immigrants as animals yesterday president trump says the us government is succeeding in combating the violent gang a man is in the hospital after getting stabbed out of phoenix light rail station this morning the man says he was simply standing at the light rail platform near nineteen th avenue and camelback road early this morning when he was approached by a stranger officials say the stranger stabbed the victim several times and the man was rushed to a nearby hospital but his injuries are not considered to be lifethreatening investigators found out that the victim was drunk and wasn't very helpful when they found him the suspect is considered to be on the run jayson campadonia five fifty kfi news pam's law has been signed by governor doug ducey the measure increase penalties for drivers that caused a car crash involving death or serious injuries now under the new law prosecutors could bring felony charges in certain cases the law is named for pam haselbacher who was killed in two thousand sixteen when her car was struck by man driving on a suspended license a mesa neighborhood has an unwanted roaming resident today a bear spotted near thomas and power roads let's get a.

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