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Well done fellas job well done. Well, join me for the season premiere the Big Joe, Henry variety show on the boardwalk, and seaside heights in all starts Wednesday night, July. Third Enron's every Wednesday night at seven pm throughout the summer, it's free. It's free. Bring a breeds chairs your family your friends Wednesday, July third. I woke amusing guest boy, these guys good. Remember Jones remember Jones coming in there. Comedian the very funny, Gary Delaney. Two thousand eighteen Big Joe jersey talent show winner. Eva rose, Dresden witty, hear her singing, ten say, seen team say, wet seeing since eighteen sensation. I need a little bit more is in my Margarita. Plus our house ban. Pat good out of the big band. A lovely jasmine will be there in with the big band. Get alert of this featuring Bobby Bandera on guitar that's going to be good. We'll play stump the big band. It's big fun. It's free, plus great fireworks. The show every Wednesday night throughout the summer. The Big Joe Henry variety show on the boardwalk grand avenue, and seaside heights. The big show started seven o'clock. For more info, go to my page at nj one five dot com or go to exit eighty two dot com. So the state of mind is trying to get people to move into their state and to sweeten the deal, they're now offering each new resident up to ten thousand dollars ten thousand dollars to move to Vermont was great. Because up until now, the most popular way to become a Vermont resident was through the witness protection program..

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