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The dumping on harvey weinstein continues which means a lot of people were trying to curry favour with women wine stena alma mater moves to revoke honorary degree university of buffalo moving to have a london is harvey winds veen's honorary degree revolved in response to multiple accusations of herat asked women's sexual assault against the hollywood mogul meanwhile the simon wiesenthal center founder and dean rabbi marvin hier released a statement saying everybody at the simon wiesenthal center is horrified by the charges levelled against harvey weinstein my so many people given the gravity of the accusations we are removing his name from our distinguished roster of honorees in all our future publications obviously we can't go back in time but had we known then what we know now we would never have honoured weinstein because such egregious behavior is against everything the museum of tolerance and the reason paul senators stands for okay says story number one i do not know how to pronounce this name and i've never bothered to check to pronunciation it's inaccuracies name d e l e v i n g n e now left to what my understanding of the deadbeat delo vinya but i that just doesn't sound like the way somebody would pronounce so that your name as cara and i'm sure is not della vinke so i'm sure some exotic pronounce anyway he is an actress and she has broken her silence on that terrifying experience she had with harvey weinstein islah hollywood reporter to more we talk about it though less power we give them said the actress today she recalled when she first started in the film industry she received a call from wein steven he asked her if she had slept with any of the women she'd been seen with when i first started to work as an actress harvey weinstein was asking if i had slept with any of the women i was seen out in the media was very often uncomfortable with this i answered none of his questions i hurried off the phone but before i hung up he said to me that if i was.

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