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Have player mazey's it's pretty proud of his organisation his message i can help you can't put a work will you can help him do his work at footprints of fight dot org i ninety them pick her hair kind of how that knocked heart for people who are heckling harding and economic artery are warming a handed i hope you look at what about it up at the until you notice a small spiderman in seattle stop and say hi and know that he's fighting a different kind of bad guy cancer his message to all my friend and on oakland wrap brian calvert komo news it's eight forty fourth aaa traffic time once again with marina rockinger on mercer island the shoulder is blocked westbound i90 at island crest way so it's stopandgo traffic from bellevue way we're also seeing slowdowns and she continue across the water over to the mouth baker tunnel westbound five twenty still struggling from ninety second albert amonte like northbound 405 pretty crowded from the one six seven interchange on up to newcastle southbound 405 still crowded through canyon park down to one sixty at southbound i5 some minor slowdowns for lynnwood mountlake terrace but it's still pretty solid from northgate into downtown the express lanes you'll see some brake lights in the district as you approach the ship cannot bridge northbound i5 still a struggle as you head of the north of federal way and to about to eighty eight up to the 516 interchange and ina swahli area earlier this morning we had a crash it's been cleared for a while but we're still seeing some minor slowdowns your next look at traffic at eight fifty four marina rockinger komo news traffic this time is brought to you by the law offices of harold d carr experienced trusted personal injury attorneys with many convenient office locations car accident call carr visit haroldcarrattorney dot com financially were get back to.

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