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We also think there's a lot of open ended questions right now on the regulatory side, and that could impact a lot of people. And so people who are interested and with non significant tools of capital, whatever that means to them built starting to build crypto portfolios, I think is super interesting and and may get early access to a new asset class, but blockchain companies outside of institutional investors. And you have to be pretty careful in eyes wide open and just really know how early this ecosystem is. You mentioned the one of them into regulation that we just not average Gogel Michaud from electric absol- in England. Actually, the concern is about imposing regulations so to speak in the system barashi that ho scale governments that may be having the Phares means and objectives fully embrace it. How do you think about that? And the concerns. And kind of incremental regulatory changes us is full scale, embrace subsequent dangers. I think it's all the luck. I think people have different motives in the category. The finance industry is regulated, and it's regulated by the government, particularly in the US which is where we're focused on now, and in involves definition of what securities are and how to invest in them. And when you think of the public markets, they've been regulated for a long time, and there's very clear definitions of all of the things and the new think about crypto market, and there's very unclear definitions of all those things. And so we're in a process of both creating definitions and then understanding how that relates to the regulatory landscape. There may be what he's talking about which is kind of mixed motives elsewhere. But I think fundamentally, even in even beyond that, we just don't have a lot of clarity yet on how this ecosystem will play out here and we don't think it should be unregulated. They should regulated. We just think until some of those rules are in place. You just take a fair amount of risk getting involved Fuzhou. I couldn't agree more. Down The left. the left clarity, but I do wanna move into my favorite elements of any interview. The quickfire rounds, Isaiah short statement, and then you give me your immediate thoughts about sixty seconds, PO one strapped in I'm ready. Okay. So favorite book and why? What must I be reading on my next five t the weird run for a VC, but my favorite book is pale fire by glad and bow coughs, which is a novel to Russian novel, and it's all about the importance of stories and narratives in our lives, and it's not a business book, but I think it's infinitely applicable to so many parts of life because challenge and then surprise on the move. The biggest challenge in it's hard to move on from working with people you deeply respect and love. It's not a surprise that something that really delights me every day is just how genuine team orientational and deep talent of my partners. Are you as VN and just how much I have to learn Alex towns speeds. Have we seen re platforming of retail, we'll she will take on this in the future of retail. I think both what we want to buy and how we want to buy it or an appearance of extreme change. It looks really different than it did often twelve or eighteen months ago, let alone five years ago. These cycles are going very, very fast. We want more personalized stories and brands and products and experiences than ever before and as businesses they have to marry that desire for personalization and really slicing up this market with the ability to scale because consumers don't just want products that others use them love. They want products that were really meant for them, and that's a new challenge for this industry. But I think with that in challenge, there's a ton, a ton of ton of opportunity in it, and we're gonna. See really exciting things emerge DGSE Bruns starting to open physical locations, small or capitol inefficient best brands, deliver products to consumers where those consumers want them and they're anchored on a product and a customer and not on a model or a channel. And physical stories is a channel to customers are asking for imprison interaction in owned retail. They probably opened physical stories if they're not, they shouldn't. I think the best entrepreneurs building needs businesses will.

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