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Angelique Heller Audra fortune candy Welsh. Chris Lewis, Chris star, Debbie Anderson? Eric from Erica, Mars? Franny Smedley are you with us or you're not with us law controversy there, but I love my friend Gabby. Gotcha. Polly, janey Fumio, Catherine speed, Catherine, steward, Kelly on seaport. Leslie Wyatt, Lisa Janos, Matthew Valentinas, Ryan Wolfe. What the wine, the Frenchman crystalise. Melanie. How Patricia Markel and a couple of newbies, Wendy, MAC, Cassivi and Melissa spare stra that I say that right? Spare strip. I like Melissa. She's very vocal on the on the patriot. She's into it. I like you guys for being into it. I thank you all for being patriots subscribers. And if you would ever tell your friends what the last two weeks of patriots stories were like? Come on for fuck sake. Jesus Christ. I'm breaking everything. Listen, I gotta talk about this fucking Amy Schumer situation with the upcoming Super Bowl. I'm sure all of you. The Super Bowl is now Rowland. It really is consumer has weighed in on this year's potential Super Bowl, halftime lineup. And she saying that Adam LeVine and maroon five should join riana and turn down the gig. And this is in the wake of reports that riana turn down a chance to be the headliner at the Super Bowl halftime show in sympathy with fucking jerk off controversial quarterback, Colin capper. Nick, who at this point is more of a commercial actor than a fucking football player. And these more of a Muslim sympathize than an American citizen. I'm sorry, but that's the fucking truth. Anyhow reality. Kline in NFL approach on the show because of its treatment of capper Nic, that's also news considering if for free Anna appeared, it would most likely mean that you know. She would introduce the do nothing hype, man DJ Colette who would probably show up and do his stupid dumb shit like point to the sky and employed to riana and eventually say another one for no-good reason, a guy that's making millions for absolutely doing shit. And I can't stand the fact that Schumer's talk in this way and I just don't. Don't look. Schumer said also, I'm not gonna participate in any commercials that would air during the Super Bowl. She said, I know it must sound like a privilege ask sacrifice, but it's all I got hitting the NFL with the advertisers. The only way to really hurt them. Shut the fuck up. Please, Amy, you know. And then I went to Instagram page to see what may be the dumbest post from a woman who is obviously in a free fall because her movies were bombing. Her net Netflix show was panned, and she's been booed off stage for many stand up shows because a constantly bringing politics onto the stage instead of jokes, even when most of the joke she has, she stole from other funnier. Comics. And if you don't believe me just type in Amy Schumer steals jokes on Google for Christ's sake. I'm friends with a lot of comics. A lot of top notch. Comics fake can't stand her. And on this post on Instagram Schumer asked how Coon why is it more white players are kneeling during the national anthem. I thought in hate people who say random shit like this expecting a spark to ignite. I fucking hate them. And one particularly shitty passage says, one shoe witness, the truly deep inequality in endless racism, people of color face in our country. Not to mention the police brutality in the murders why not kneel next to our brothers. Otherwise, how you not complicit let me just say right away. The NFL is filled with so many

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