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And find the best pass rusher. You can get I believe you turn this defense around right there. Breaking news. Kelvin Benjamin just got a pass for Kansas City. While he caught a pass on me. He he hasn't dropped on yet. One target one catch and then they took him out again. I guess got a quote lies ahead. Are you? Sure, it wasn't the bartender passing him a mozzarella sticks. It was a football on not by Patrick Mohme's. And he got got the catch came off the field got some some high fives and put the trench coat on let more self up after that after that big play. There you go Kelvin. There you go. Good job. Kelvin. Good job Kelvin. So. Let's let's breakdown. What's probably going to be a bad of a rough saints game? So for starters, the saints have the number one rushing attack in the NFL, and they also have a pretty good damn good passing attack. So this Carolina defense that has struggled against the Browns and lions gets to face them. A Monday night football thoughts. Probably won't go. Well, bryan. That's a bold move cotton. We'll see how it works out for him. Yeah. I see I see issues, and I've said this a few times throughout the podcast and season. But I think the saints wrote the book on how to beat this Panthers defense. And this is when they were good. Which is to make the linebackers play absolutely flawlessly, which they're not doing right now. And. I see I see a lot of problems in less this front seven wakes up and just dominates the line of scrimmage, which I just do not see happening. No. I don't either. And in the saints are best at what we're bad at covering which is getting the ball out quick to guys like Alvin Kamara who are can't be tackled. Michael Thomas who catches everything. Things like that. Especially in the scene. He destroyed. The Panthers seem last year. And I don't see that changing. Yeah. This this week either. And I'm like irrationally not confident in this game. Because the last time I saw the saints play was when they lost the Cowboys. And then they were losing to the buccaneers kind of forgetting that they scored twenty eight straight points are twenty five shape points in the second half against the buccaneers. To kind of go back to their dominant ways. So. Yeah. Trending in the right direction. Yeah. Could be rough. Looking at it from the sense of. Okay. Maybe Carolina might have a chance the way I see that would be. You put maybe Dante Jackson James Bradbury on Michael Thomas the entire game. And Morocco's play. Well, and you basically force drew Brees to throw the ball to other people and Carolina's front seven steps up and stops running. Granted they've been better throughout the last few weeks stopping the run. We'll give him Nassar on a couple of weeks. They're not they're not. They're not a great defense. But like this the last two weeks they've been very good at stopping the run. So if there's a situation where this Carolina defense shows up and plays well against the saints. It's that they walk down. Michael Thomas with a guy like bradberry and Brad Bradbury's kinda hit or miss 'cause there's weeks shuts down Mike Evans on this week's where he doesn't shut down. Mike Evans, we've seen most of those. So. It it's possible. Like if he's on Thomas and blimps into like three or four receptions and the Panthers rush defense shows up that the saints offense struggled throwing the ball a little bit. So that's the perfect scenario. And I would hope the Ron Rivera's prepared for it. But that's a little too optimistic for me at this point after losing five straight games. I like looted to earlier I think the best chance to win is to do. It's it's time for Ronald fair to good was bread and butter because the saints are. In arguably better than us. So they'll either larger sample size of possessions. We have the more likely they are to win. So our best hope basically is to minimize the number of possessions. So that any variants like a drew Brees interception that he doesn't throw or like a fumble or something? Makes a big impact on the game. And we were able to capitalize on it..

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