Cincinnati Colmey, Senator Richard Burr, FBI discussed on The Rocky Boiman Show


Of seven hundred w l gel with cincinnati colmey says he was asked to back off and then he was fired this is continuing coverage from news radio seven hundred w all w with the ten o'clock report i'm jack crumbling this is nowhere near the end of our investigation that is senator richard burr the republican head of the committee that heard testimony from fired fbi director james comey today colmey told the panel that he did tell president trump that he was not personally under investigation he also says he started taking detailed notes about their private meetings honestly concern that you might lie about the nature of our meeting and so thought a really important for document colmey says the white house did lie about the reasons for his fire ring last month and he told the panel why he believes he was fired it's my judgement that i was fired because of the russian investigation i was fired in some way to change or the endeavour was to change the way the russian investigation is being conducted that is a that is a very big deal deputy white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders i was asked about colmey testimony after it ended no i can definitively said presents a liar and think it's frankly insulting that question would be asked the president's personal outside lawyer also spoke saying the president feels vindicated and also that colmey was lying and some of his testimony especially when it comes to his claim that president trump asked him to let the michael flynn investigation go mark kasprowicz also rejected colmey claim that the president asked him for loyalty news radio seven hundred w all w has more frequent.

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