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Or you know stuff that was the slightly better than that on the MAC. But the thing is sitting nothing like what we have today. No way you, you know, computers can generate multiple polyphonic sounds using genuine samples, and they have the power to make it sound like real easy. You didn't have that byte meant. So again, that was transformative the fact that you could have real music real speech recorded speech playing during a game, and you know the thing you talked about all the CD roms on the shelves. The reason for that was because it became a competitive alms rice won't. Everybody wants to see that could read the CDs quicker because that meant you had less gaps in the game because sometimes GD would get stuff so polls as it pulled data off the drive, or I remember playing missed originally on a to act CD ROM and you'd click something and you'd literally have to wait for the next pitcher to load isn't access the dust. And then I remember playing the same game on like thirty two acts CD-rom and it was flawless. It just gives an excellent, but. Downsides of the the high speed CD. Roms. Is you end up with something sending Lanka headdress? Yes. What if you want to know kind of the origins of how people design websites and stuff like that. You need only look at the CD-rom craze because that is kind of where using hypertext like in mass or hypercard like messed, where you click something and something else comes up. Sound familiar. You do it every day when you're on the internet. Yep. But just the interactive where you put your mouse over something and something happens fluidly in in great graphics and all of that started with CD-ROM. So if you want to trace back where what we think is the modern web where it kind of originated from, I don't think you have to look any farther than designers who are creating some fantastic content like the the Star Trek onto PDR missed where it started or atom the inside story. You know, that's where it started. That's where the inspiration came from because they didn't have anything before that to work from. They started this whole kind of interactive graphics and you know, you click this, and this thing happens. That's where it started. And if you have, if you just want a very simple linear on the standing of how far we've come in twenty to twenty five years, CD ROM six hundred and fifty megabytes. Yeah. What now for about five dollars, you can get to kick a bite USB, flash drive. Yeah, it's amazing what what we do is society. Yeah, with the limited technology of the time. And for those who think we're kind of at the pinnacle now you have no idea. It's going to come and time very soon where physical media of any kind is irrelevant because this is going to be cloud based. Now, of course, congress just means bigger server farms and hard drive somewhere. You still need the physical thing, but on your desktop on your phone, you're not gonna need storage because it's going to be weird, have superfast networks where everything's just there. But this is I think, a hugely significant invention that probably is pooh-poohed as all that was this nineties thing as those kind of silly. No, the CD ROM was a massive industry. I remember when it collapsed, but I also remember when it really became popular and I don't think it gets enough recognition for. What it really led to. Yeah. And this is really only the loss. Won't find to seven years on, say that pieces of stop shipping with an optical drive standard. They went to DVD on. Remember Paul, the sweet one of one of them apples big selling points of the island sweet from the early two. Thousands was the family came with DVD, which was optical optical disc creation sulfur. I remember the Matt coming with software..

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