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Morning on WTO. A precision AC tuna for only $69. Michael and son. Drafting and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, good morning to Ian Crawford with this in the WTO traffic center. Virginia beltway, the outer loop works out and now crash scene as well after route 7 Leesburg pike closer to I 66 single left getting through the work zone and getting by all the festivities behind the cones. They may have to stop traffic briefly is the emergency vehicles get ready to pick up and go away, but for the moment, again, with caution single left, past the work zone and crash scene on the outer loop after exit 47 heading toward I 66. The inner loop works don't continues after Arlington boulevard exit 50 for route 50 with little or no fanfare. The 66 work zones are still there. Fairly decent to get around right now. Couple westbound after the fairfax county Parkway and then after 29 Centreville, each single right to get by, eastbound, after the before the Prince William Parkway, I should say, a left lane gets by and the ramp from eastbound 66 to go south on the Prince William Parkway. That is blocked. And then as you get closer to the beltway, you'll find two left lanes getting you by exit 64, the ramp to the outer loop from eastbound 66 also blocked as the work goes on. In the district on the freeway, eastbound. After Potomac park all the way to the third street tunnel, the last report that worked on was still very much intact. Single left getting by and the ramps for the 12th street expressway for main avenue Southwest, and for the third street tunnel still shut down as a result, at least they were at last report. On the Maryland side, remarkably quiet pleased by all means keep up the good work, 50 eastbound, no reported delays across the bay bridge 50 westbound to right lanes getting by holding the left lane for two way traffic, which you know is coming later today, but for the moment getting across the bridge too late destruction without delay. Ian Crawford WTO traffic. Pretty quiet start to the day weather wise, temperatures into the upper 60s and 70s, and by this afternoon, with plenty of sunshine, it looks like we'll see high temperatures in the middle 80s. A couple of showers

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