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I loved it but you know. Sometimes we got to be careful because sometimes the way that we are looking at riddle and way. He's kind of book chair. he's being a little too slapstick. Happy you will we. We kinda got to be careful with that little bit right. it is what it is. Nikki ash taken on rear ripley. I'll say nikki guide in a lot. More offense Name compared to the other matches. Y is all. I gotta say within pretty much post-match charlotte flare making fun of nikki from outside the ring for losing rea- ripley pretty much just fucking snaps and attacks charlie nikki attack charlotte. Somehow that sets up a tag team match later on tonight where charlotte flare decides. Her tag partner is going to be neither jags. A- charlotte nyah. Take on the team of ria ripley and nikki ash or a. s. h. What.

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