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For those who will stand forward and declare the way of peace, while the Christ child, who was left in an outhouse at his birth, largely lives in the outhouses of western civilization, with no room for the only one who is able to bring the peace. For which men and women, boys and girls, countries, nations, clans, and tribes long. It's all in this thing. That has happened. Jesus. Jesus. Under U.S. born this day in the city of David a savior. Incidentally, that word saw tears in Greek is the word that Augustus Caesar applied to himself. He said he was the savior. Here's the savior. Jesus, his name had been announced privately. You will call his name Jesus. This is about to be declared publicly down in verse 21, but we're not there yet. He is Christ. He is the messiah, he is lord, the word that is translated in the Greek translation in the situation in the Greek translation of the Old Testament is the word for yahweh. And the Angelica announcement is absolutely clear. You need me in no doubt about his identity. And there's a sign for you. There's a sign. How can we know this? Well, you will find a baby. Wow. That's quite a thought, isn't it? We'll find a baby. No, but just make sure you go. You'll discover that he's wrapped in swaddling clothes and he's lying in a manger. But babies don't lie in mangers. Now we don't, we don't put babies in nature. No, I know, I know. That's part of the sign. Because if you go around looking for babies in a manger, you won't be able to find them. There's only one at the moment. It's in the manger. That's why I'm sending you there. You'll find it. It's a sign for you. Have you been doing the Mario mcshane because you just did John chapter two? Was it yesterday? Maybe it was the day I don't remember time runs by. The wedding at K and N Galilee.

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