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W. I. O. G., Boca Raton, George Floyd discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Car blocking the left lane great grant Fuchs radio six ten W. I. O. G. watching sixteen doppler radar seeing some showers now even a thunderstorm or two over northern Broward county heading in towards southern Palm Beach county places like popular beach Deerfield beach up in toward Boca Raton some rain there try the moment in Miami lakes sunny and ninety one degrees at one oh one Broward stop copies promising he's not done making changes to his agency especially after the death of George Floyd retaking the jump back to nineteen sixty and it happened as a by product of filled action for decades but Broward sheriff Gregory Tony believes he's making a difference instituting a system to track potentially dangerous deputies and implementing a use of force review board he recounts how one of his deputies slammed the liberals face in the pavement I didn't have the courage to go against the grain and hold him accountable Minneapolis would've been bar county months ago in this place will burn yeah it's a challenge for commissioners I'll play with you but I'm going to act and that's what I encourage this commission is to act with me Eric Reid Regus newsradio six ten WYO detail county sheriff Grady Judd says demonstrators in nearby cities should not make their way to his county because so many residents have guns and he says they can use them and if you try to break into their homes to steal.

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