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It gives you do have a monkey a a monkey business floor bunder so and we do we do have a monkey business that's the name of rose by the lincoln it's anybody's wondering we have a call don't we bryant will be going to one in just a second here so lila from my pal way you usda online they believe lila you're with us yeah i thank you so much for calling we do appreciate it what can we do for you and again hope you have in a good day well you were talking about the rave bear i was wondering went mick you should put in the race ban fit went weapon kid cry wasn't sure what i'm pretty what we're we're we're products out of you in lila power power women empowering okay and whawhat's soil that you have right now that you're going to be putting the bed over or is it going over concrete um no it's going over kind of clay from quakers there's a little bit of dg i don't think wearing putting it brent metro if mostly crain okay so it's just putting it over concrete the area so is it just one of those simple like maybe how how tall is the raise bed it's not real pao i'm you can other and brac peyton mavericktype that while ago ld embrace leah yeah amber as rabii like fourteen inches twelve inches kind of a hype yeah i think they're about woman i don't even yeah yeah because i think i put to do that's what i use also lila now use the yeah two by two by tens i think okay a her will my suggestion would be a combination of topsoil just simple topsoil and eight product called soil booster from all and if you mix that the debt the green the green also boosters actually specifically designed for raise beds and they say that you can use it straight but i like to use something a little bit more heavy weight so that's why suggest mixing it with topsoil ju give you a good volume but if the same john something that's going to have some weight to as far as the soil coast and like you said earlier tiger it depends what you're going to plant in.

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