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Old and new and today we have an old friend the end today. My guest is our good friend terrier she. It's you know it's been almost too too much terry. Since <hes> the last time we did a show together that was be because it was <hes> a new year's resolution show that we did. I don't think we've been I don't think we've we've waited this long in between seriously yeah so for those of you for what what bars say that just that reminds me. The truest truism is that when we run on the job something you leaned on pick it up but when you get older and you drop something you look at it for a while and contemplate do I really need this uh-huh and you know he and you know the fact of that. It is a real truism because I will down and say do. I really need that or something. I can leave for someone else. I don't know how let related to <hes> our show back in January but I'm sure I'm sure well it. It doesn't relate to anything except it's a good story so for those of you are not familiar with Terry and is good story. He's the author of now seventeen books with the new one coming out this fall <hes> he's a sought after public speaker award-winning landscape architect of English Country Gardens Mentor too many and the he most comfortably introverted man. I know <hes> I like that comfortably introverted. Do you like that actually. Do that's a that's a great grace yeah yeah that's for your eulogy. I'm working on it now. I liked that yeah so today. <hes> Terry and I plan to talk about what what I'm referring to is one of the fastest growing phobias in in the United States and it's being called Thommo or the fear of missing out and I think what we'll do is get right into the topic bring on Hirsch and chat about the fear of missing out. You'll hirsch what's up. I'm ready hang on. Let me check my email. All we're doing this. Okay because you don't WanNa miss out on what's coming. You know it's funny. <hes> I could actually that's true. I could actually do the same thing even hosting the show face because I'm I'm. I'm in the post office today waiting in line which is what you do your waiting line in in the post office. They could places you wait in line to mail simply because that's what I'm GonNa mail something so you just wait in line to mail something but every single person and this is on my little I on which is supposed to be pretty. Progressive Aggressive advanced people on the line. Everybody's looking at the phone. I'm thinking what's roller just waiting in line. I know I know I would just talking to settle any club about that today so all I have to get something done while I'm waiting in line. I didn't get that really yeah well. How about the weight in tonight's where there's televisions? I've seen televisions in. I don't go into banks anymore. But I remember one time. I was in a bank and they had a television for the line so you could you could watch the latest Sofa voice in your state in California and get gas in a rental car and they had tell televisions in the guest pumps. I know I know they do the television it against that's that's not usually the way that question is formed but so so I got a question for you. Did you know that the acronym Foam Oh just F. O.. M. O. is actually in the dictionary as a word I I looked it up on dictionary dot Com and is defined as has a feeling of anxiety or insecurity over the possibility of missing out on on something such as an event or an opportunity as in if I say no to the Party invitation I get a bad case case of Thommo correct and and if I'm not invited I get a worse case and we'll we'll. We'll talk about that. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. I thought I don't know I yeah I mean you're GONNA launch it. In some way that just saw I just saw tedd top this week with <hes> <hes> shorts very short called the paradox of choice and and he says that we live in a world where because we have so many choices there's not three two minute really at all it paralyzes us right and I get that he talks about you know my Jews wore out so I went into by jeans and when I bought these teams there was just a pair of jeans but I went into by jeans and there was a hundred types of genes poem. I know he said just want jeans and they said no you have to try and all the jeans and he said when I just had one team I was able I was content with the fact that they weren't perfect jeans but they were gene but now that I had hundred choices or whatever I had to try them all on iphone some that by God they were great jeans but they weren't quite perfect and he said at the end I walked out after having more choices than other less satisfied that I was with my him perfect jeans last time without and without buying any new genes y'all he thought he had the by the jeans but the point is he better. There was nothing satisfying about Patty one hundred choices. Oh I know I know remember the days it was cheerios and cornflakes and that was it was all those audio I really this is a true story. I run in because I like triscuits to buy triscuits. You know there's like twelve choices of triscuits no I I all I wanNA do as triscuits the yellow box the yellow box. I love with with his best. The fear of let's see now in other words. They give you all these choices because just in case just in case something better for you so you can't walk out satisfied knowing that you missed out on something and you might have you might not have made the right choice but yet no. That's an interesting sentence that you say that way because see it's not really a that's true. It's it's about making a correct choice or an appropriate choice rather than simply game consent yes. That's crazy that that that's crazy so I'm thinking as I is is preparedness. I was thinking Komo F. O.. M. O. But then I'm thinking about you and me and all our other introverted friends we have a we have different act acronym. That's T. G. M.. Oh Yeah Oh thank God missing out because I don't WanNa be involved yeah. We're it's interesting thing that we were being <hes> <hes> fascinating thing about all the tech companies coming under sort of you know scrutiny if the fact that in and they're very they're very blunt about the fact that the programming for social media is is addict you right right it is and and we're wired that way and when that happens your not not completely satisfied and by satisfied I mean <hes> you you can't come to arresting point never and say I am here now right. I am <hes>. I don't remember ever who said that you know be here when you're here like wherever you are there yeah Yeah Mama Mama listened to me but this time of year is in other words be here right and you know I mean you know as when as when you're addicted you're not you're not. They're hard to be there because there's one is just because I wanna know read quickly what is going on and and then move on because you know what you know directly tied into what you're saying. Maybe maybe exactly what you're saying. As I was reading up on this Discu- on this subject <hes> I discovered that fear of missing out is is believed to be a strong driver ever for those who are addicted to social media which leads to what is called pathological Internet use pathological Internet use but as you said social media is designed designed to make you addicted and to make you pathological so I yeah I I know the people that that live on social media. They spend I have the friend who's WHO's sending a post you know I I don't know how I get to get a post to post today on facebook and you know facebook is just for old people now <hes> the kids don't use it but does to post today and you know sends me a picture of his backyard and I'm thinking cool. You know so what you're telling me if it's Perot people then facebook is for me is what you're saying yeah yeah except except I think it's a little bit over your head technically. I'm not quite so sure your luddite self could could manage your way through it. Actually I have a facebook page <hes> and a business pager personal page. No No rob is this page and I post my sabbath moment. which is my blog and then I do and then I I say sort of inspirational quote but it's fear missing out thing is the <hes> it's it's because my my hope team is about what does it mean to be present which means to be attentive in this moment <hes> literally only to be here? What's that mean could be here and what is it that keeps us from just being here? What's what's going on? Why is it think about this from? I'm I'm not that long ago. The super bowls are so we're watching the super bowl this. This is the the premium of that right. You're watching premium of it mean and and this is something you've been waiting for the advertisements during the Super Bowl then they even the guys the announcers for saying you don't WanNa miss the advertisers watch things. You don't WanNa miss what were happening in the future while you're at the thing you're supposed to be not wanting to Miss I. I'd it amazed me. That's the way we're wired. You'RE GONNA have to help me with that. I kinda didn't did that. I'm thinking in the advertisement is about the future and I whereas I'm not focusing the president here at the event I'm I can't I have been waiting to be at the event amid waiting to be and the advertisement. I'm supposed to watch his you. Don't WanNa miss what's coming ahead at this. This thing make sure is right and I think it wait a minute. I met the thing I've been WANNA miss. Why do I want to focus on this next thing? I go on a miss when I met thing. I didn't WanNa Miss Yeah Yeah. That's a great observation. That's a great observation. You know I was thinking I was thinking as I was pondering this. This it really is kind of a complex sub- subject and I was thinking you know there's Thommo light maybe and foam oh pathological and I'm thinking Komo light in this way and tell me if you think this is foam allied or if this is Komo pathological and it's common problem. I'm for travellers especially <hes> foreign international travelers and there is this uneasy feeling that you get if you don't see all the pertinent sites eight of the trip that you were supposed to enjoy in somehow. Your trip is incomplete if you don't see it now so as an example I'm thinking of like Peres you know what is it and you know I came up with four things you know you gotta see the Eiffel Tower the Lou the Notre Dame and Palladio for Si- <hes>. There's you know there's others that you could add to that but <hes> you know after having been to Paris few times that it really I never went back to the Eiffel Tower..

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