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You know set of tweets. Justin marched in on sunday where he explained his jersey change. Why he dropped the lillard. He'd always had marched dash lillard on there. We re tweeted from the blog on the boys twitter account. If you missed miss that explanation let me know and i'll get it to you but <hes> i it's. I don't mean to say it's you know short version of a long story. It's a very impactful story <hes> but just in <hes> explained in his tweet that his he previously wore you know lillard on the back of his jersey to honor his late father and in fact pulling up his tweets now this is you know again. We tell you all the time you know. This is how we do things but his tweets on twitter at bubba underscore march. I wore march lillard on my jersey to honor and my father who fought through three different cancers and multiple heart surgeries in his life beating the first two in passing from pancreatic cancer in two thousand sixteen. He never missed a game even when he was going through chemo and now i'm back to wearing my legal name my children and my wife's last name march it is time i lead from family as my father did for his this. This was a hard decision to make but the look i get from my son reminds me of how i looked at. My father like the greatest superhero <hes> justin's a great guy and again fended the show. Oh i personally think makes roster but this is what tom had to say about him. <hes> if you're curious tom wrote he's been a special team stalwart but so far in came in preseason he has not been good enough in his linebacker job to stave off undrafted free agent justin phillips or luc gifford if he rebounds him his injury. That's a great point from tom. March is a great human being but that doesn't count for much when it's cutting time and that's a cold way to put it but you know thomas himself this is this is about the business of football i just. I don't see it going that way. Personally i think just makes this because i think that you've got to have those linebackers but it's interesting the the most difficult places right now they were having trouble with are on the defensive side of the ball. I know we talked about the receivers. That's really one sort of issue. There are the running backs for that's easily solvable but the a true sort of log jams on this roster when it comes to filling spots are on defense because the cowboys are for lack of a better word loaded. I mean they are a say it say it out loud. The cowboys defense is loaded. There's so much talent <hes> even a guy like justin. March is at the very least debated upon when it comes to some bright cowboys minds <hes> moving on we have two more left <hes> kind of a consensus one that nobody thinks will make the fifty three man roster. At least nobody around b._t._v. and one that is a bit surprising for me <hes> but ultimately does make sense the consensus and again i mentioned. I asked tom and danny to come up with they. Both <hes> you know i asked him each name three guys and collectively they had five names <hes> tom royal mentioned just a margin dairy jackson and and danny mentioned jalen jokes daniel wise but their third was the same person and it's rookie cornerback michael jackson <hes> obviously michael jackson is not had the best rookie performance threat training camp with the preseason and unlike jalen gels or unlike justin march potentially..

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