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I'm calling upon from ABC news I'm Michelle Franzen house investigators released the deposition transcript for bill Taylor the top U. S. diplomat in Ukraine the deposition transcript from bill Taylor shows Taylor understood security assistance was being withheld to pressure you crane to publicly announce an investigation into president trump's political opponents Taylor testified his nightmare scenario was that the Ukrainian leader would announce investigations take all the heat from that get himself in big trouble the never get U. S. security assistance adding Russia would love that Taylor will be back to testify publicly on November thirteenth and as a like a terror ABC news on Capitol Hill in the race for the White House it's essentially a four way race in Iowa shaping up between Elizabeth Warren people to judge Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden that according to a new Quinnipiac university poll according to the findings the advantage that Biden has had is starting to dwindle while but a judge is gaining some ground California's top prosecutor is going after Facebook saying that the company is not cooperating with an investigation into its business practices California Attorney General hobby your base Serra says Facebook is under investigation for alleged privacy violations in the Facebook is ignoring subpoenas for information Facebook has failed to respond adequately to those lawfully issued subpoena issued a statement though Facebook claims it is cooperated extensively with California's investigation and says it has provided hundreds of thousands of documents and like stone EBC names police say two people wanted in connection with the deaths of a New Hampshire couple were captured in Mexico where from Utah wanted in connection with the double murders of James a Machel Butler of New Hampshire the butlers were in the middle of a cross country road trip and found buried in a shallow grave in padre island Texas markets more ABC news Kingsville Texas and that investigation continues you're listening to ABC news and I heart radio station news ninety three point one KFBK from John Byrne idea to to with your top stories to prison escapees are back in custody after a joint south of the border Jonathan Salazar and Santos Fonseca broke out of the Monterey county jail Sunday after cutting a hole in a bathroom ceiling Monterey county sheriff's office captain John thorn birds as they were caught while returning from Mexico we had information that they were in the Tijuana area and they were trying to come back into the United States we notify border patrol to that information that we had and they located I'm trying to enter the country both men were in jail awaiting trial on murder and other violent charges California's first case of snake fungal disease has been found the California department of fish and wildlife reports that a California king snake infected with a fungus was found in Amador county the fungus also appeared on the skin of a dead Florida water snake that was found in Folsom the fungal disease causes scabs skin ulcers crusted scales cloudy eyes swollen or disfigured face infected snakes will often appear emaciated and a proposal to fund the relocation of the Sacramento zoo to Natoma says been put on hold the Sacramento city council postponed a proposal that would have allowed tax revenue from new hotels in the Thomas to go toward redeveloping the vacant sleep train arena zoo officials announced last year they needed a larger site to keep national accreditation traffic and weather together here's Dana Hess as Roger by Ashley home store and right now Jeff Jefferson park Boulevard we have a hit run the only three seats be is at the scene right now so keep a look out also westbound fifty eight hazel Avenue bag of lawn clippings and the number four lane eastbound cab is slow from the east read all the.

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