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Taken aback intrusion into her personal life from early days of the program. Jennifer at the faculty tells us that the classes of the counseling community were a safe place for students to express their beliefs. The whole idea of counsel lead is going a little bit deeper exploring what you believe and why you believe it in discovering your identity life your purpose in life. Jennifer said. We interviewed her. We were told at the very beginning to come in with our set of values and beliefs. And it's okay. We're a melting pot of these things. Well apparently they weren't welcoming her christian beliefs that engaging in homosexual behaviors as in jennifer was never unwilling to counsel people who were homosexual or transgender had questions about gender. She was prepared to do that but the school told her. They feared her views. Wouldn't permit her to counsel people in the way they deemed appropriate to fix what they perceived to be a problem. They prevent it presented jennifer with a remediation plan that would determine whether she could continue studying at augusta state university. The remediation plans. Did it a couple of different things she needed to do or vinci needed to attend. The fine print was that she needed to write papers that stated that she had changed her views. She refused to complete. The remediation plan was booted from the program. She filed a lawsuit and she lost. She lost in court. This was augusta state. University georgia then. There's georgia tech in two thousand six again. This is from my book in two thousand six to students at the georgia institute of technology georgia tech filed a pivotal lawsuit against the school in case that brought national attention to the administration's douglas thuggish tactics. Ruth mohawk a conservative christian and president of the college republicans in or scar. The president of the jewish student union had endured violation after violation of their first amendment rights to their free speech and freedom of religion. They were being told not what they could and could not say but how they should think ruth's parents were immigrants from india. Her father was a marketing research. Professor in georgia tech's business program. Reuss grew up admiring the schools traditions and reputation. I was really excited about going to a school that i was respected and loved and i knew it would be a very diverse environment. Many different backgrounds and world views ruth declared international affairs and public policy is. Her majors quickly became involved in student organizations. She never called herself an activist. She joined organizations that reflected her fans sanctity of life tricia marriage christianity. She tried to live life consistent with what she believed. Roussel professors protesting the rotc on veterans day. Priests teaching that jesus and his disciples were gay in numerous sexually graphic promotions for one thing or another. She didn't take any of it as a personal offense because she didn't have a victim mentality. People at georgia tech could disagree but then she experienced the double standard at georgia tech in her sophomore year. She was called into the office of the dean of the college of liberal arts according to ruth the dean said ruth. You're asking too many questions and you're here to listen and learn. Would rue said. She felt that some of the professors were practising indoctrination rather than education. The responded ruth students have been indoctrinated for the first eighteen years of their lives by their parents by their churches and we only have four years to undo the damage. The censorship spread beyond the classroom to the campus organizations and activities of which ruth was apart students. Those organizations were increasingly accused of violating universities. Tolerance policy a speech code that prohibited any speech considered intolerant or offensive. The only judges of what was intolerant. The schools administrators themselves. What instance one of. Ruth's student organizations planned to do outreach. To promote explain their views on traditional marriage they purchased a wedding cake..

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