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I'll go back to a few weeks ago, the titans game where they just flip the eagles around on the offensive line. And they just there was no stopping him. And that to me is the key in the point per game decrease, and this is the stat that sort of running everywhere. I have to credit the stats and info people from ESPN that the eagles have the fourth largest point per game decreased by defending Super Bowl champion ever at this point. And that's coming to me from the fact that Carson Wentz doesn't have time. To catch his breath behind the line of scrimmage, there they have no rhythm on offense. I don't think that fixes itself easily. So for me while the eagles may turn out to win a bad division, it's it's still time to reassess the expectation for who fully is because there are teams in the NFC, albeit the Rams and the saints that are clearly better right now. Yeah. And I think your point is a good one about the line play, but let's not also forget that they're running back situation as something that they need to figure out whether or not they do go out and get Leshan McCoy lady and bell. They don't have j. for the rest of the year. And so some combo of Corey, Clement and Wendell Smallwood and maybe the rookie Josh Adams coming in for a little bit is going to have to try to make up for the loss of Gye and the defense hasn't looked good. Now the question is, is this talent just is it the loss of some position coaches is it that the talent has a drop off from last year because of overwork or tired or hungover whatever it is, or will they eventually put it together a little bit later in the season? I think you know. You know, it makes it much easier for them to stay confident with the division the way it is, but it doesn't necessarily fix their problems, right? They still need to get much better to make it worth it for them. To be able to say they can take advantage of a bad division. These isn't it really a huge reminder though because what we constantly try to do in the NFL is make talent move forward. So we look at whatever the the success was from one year and just presume because it has for generations. That means for the next couple of years. You're going to be pretty good in of late. That's not necessarily the situation. You can have a year where whether it's because of health or whether it's just because the ball moved right or whether it's because one hand got hot, you can have a year where you can win a lot of games and it can be very special, but I don't think we're in an era anymore where you can necessarily take that year and suddenly say, ok, this means we are now in a window. I think we have to reassess the NFL's windows. Right. I mean, that's a team that it seems over the last couple of years. We've always looked at them and said, this is there in the window, and this is going to be another step forward. The things that went wrong this year won't go wrong next year. They'll have their shot and it just hasn't looked that way. Part of that is the style of play that we're seeing from these teams including the eagles who did not have this issue last year. But as the rest of the NFL the chiefs, the Rams, the patriots who have been doing this for a long time or spreading the field and their offense is heavy like big high scoring. Instead you end up with an eagles team giants team in the whole rest of this division. Just playing what Sal paolantonio called on Golic and wingo this morning Neanderthal football. With all the record setting number of points and touchdown passes in the NFL this year. The NFC east is playing the Andrew thal football talk about long on the tooth. All four teams are living in dark age is the the Washington Redskins twenty. Fourth in the league in points scored Dallas, thirtieth in the league in points scored the giants twenty third in the league in points scored and the eagles twenty fifth, not a single team in the NFC scoring over twenty points per game..

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