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39, Manassas, 37. Frederick, Maryland and 37 in Washington at 5 10. Expects him drawn on Capitol Hill this week. More Republican lawmakers are joining President Trump's efforts to undo Joe Biden's win, pledging to reject the results when Congress meets to count the electoral votes on Wednesday. Ken Walsh, White House and political analyst for U. S News and World Report says the move is not likely to succeed but will further drag out Republican opposition. Biden's victory. I don't think there are the votes under any circumstance. That road will be overturned, but basically it's going to be a very long process. On Wednesday, something that usually takes about a half hour is going to take probably all today, maybe going into the next day. And serve the left its effort to overturn the results and deny Joe Biden the presidency losses. Republican lawmakers are backing President Trump's bid and it results in part because his base of support Remains influential D. C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is advising the city's residents to steer clear of downtown this week and avoid President Trump's diehard supporters who are expected in town. When Congress counts those votes on Wednesday, certifying the victory of President elect Biden downtown over those several days, let the police department do its work. Let's is not a mix with people who came here. Um, for violence and destruction. I'll let them have their demonstration in March and on January the six we know what's gonna happen. The Electoral college will be respected by the Congress of the United States, and Joe Biden will be the next President. Bowser made her remarks on MSNBC. Loudon County Board of Supervisors Chair Phyllis Randall is asking residents to stay out of D C this week and do not take part in any counter protests that are expected to go against demonstrations by die hard Trump supporters. Randall says she wants to head off what she expects could be fairly dangerous Protests. There are numerous street closures and restrictions in place downtown for Tuesday and Wednesday. The first day of Congress has opened with D C delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, introducing the bill that would change the federal city into the nation's 51st state. The D C. Statehood bill has 202 co sponsors this year. Most ever. Norton and backers of D C. Statehood say it's the only way for the city's tax paying residents to gain full and equal citizenship. It'll take a couple of years for D. C s economy to get back on track, According to the district's office of the chief financial officer over the next three fiscal years, DC's economy is projected to take a $461 million revenue loss That's actually better than initially projected. With D. C is expected revenue revised upward by more than $320 million revenue. This fiscal year is down about 160 million compared to last year, and it isn't expected to return to fiscal year 20 nineteen's level until 2022. You with the widespread deployment of vaccines and an economic recovery. DC's chief financial officer says that the winters economic outlook has gotten worse due to the pandemics, resurgence, closing indoor dining and leading to other restrictions across the district. Nick I Nellie wt opinions area bus systems are returning to the pre pandemic practice of front door.

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