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Is a boring opinion to have to be like me i think it's fine not to like it but people were like oh bray whatever definitely thinks to be critical of it like not same culture as it was now so watching it you're like oh this is swiftly dated say that it's not good and to be aggressive about it really makes my blood boil serrano bose livid right now not rewatch the episode where the like prostitutes are outside l might master window and it's like slurs that just keep being thrown around willy nilly problematic episode it's not the kindest show too it's like white women crash rate white women both problematic hand a head of its time that up sewed where it's like they're like they end up for and then saratoga parker speaks not like horrible accent yeah but it's la mantha and he's like women like like have kind of a bond it's also dislike so so not the language we use anymore or the way we are we should perceive by the way i'm samantha destiny china show no we she got the cut off those don't know samantha always you get away with men even say were half women representation was a head of its time but like the language was still deadly like nineteen ninetyeight yeah joanna you pointed this out the other day like kerry brags about never having voted before we're just saying different times she's like one of those things that is like miranda's running for frigging governor she i don't know but it just is one of those things that i feel like in twenty eighteen that show would get destroyed for could never could exist as it was now no one would evergreen like that would never i mean we can have that conversation but that's why people are like i hate this show but it came out twenty years ago like it's so of twenty years ago and that's why it's good and all that stuff was like cutting edge it is funny that you bring up.

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