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Were at zero point two nine percent in December which is up from zero point two percent where it was from. May through October. So yes apple podcast being added to. Alexa made a difference. Almost a fifty percent increase but sadly fifty percent increase of point. Two percent is not a big round number eight always go. But Hey it's it's start. The IOS android ratio in December was up to four point six to one versus four point zero to one in October. That increase was to be expected as I was. Thirteen rolled out more mobile aggregate or APPS. I should point out why that is In Iowa's thirteen. The PODCAST APP is now native not native but on the home screen so new people getting all these new iphone elevens and whatnot the apple. Podcast APP is right. There and Oscar mobile aggregate or APPs not from spotify. Stitcher or from apple moved down a bit in December to fourteen point. Zero percent of all downs loads versus fifteen point zero in October and the big dog and aggregate APPs is still apple with apple podcast APP and I tuned coming in at fifty nine point six percent of all Dallas December. That's a little bit from where it wasn't October number. Two spotify at eleven point six stitches came in at third two point five overcast a two point four cast box two point one five podcast addict. One point nine four Google podcasts. At one point nine. And then podcast at one point three and that's everybody over one Except those absent never picked their user agents Ones with as your application name something And then to mothers combined by two percent but ones with names under one percent that were allowed to report our pod being player. Fm Pandora podcast Republic downcast. A tune in radio DEESOR ANTENNA pod breaker pod. Kicker Ara says Radio Himalayas Castro radio public eye catcher luminary bullhorn and Pod cruncher and then many more that come in under point. Oh two percent don't really weren't mentioned the big change in stats with spotify. Being passed through. Is that now looking at the spotify percentage for all shows it dropped a little A little bit versus just shows on Lipson DOT COM which by the way I went and looked at Lipson. Dot Com shows and it's percentage went up a little in December from October. One from thirteen point one to thirteen six but overall now that. I can look at all at once. Including all programmers customers. The percentage is down a little and that brings us to the last news item and that is the very bad reports that floated since the last episode went out. That spotify somehow beat apple podcasts consumption or was even or close no no no if saw any post about spotify overtaking apple in the last two weeks. It's all triggered to either the Morgan Stanley report and also a really really bad survey numbers from media research. Let's set the record straight and this. This is setting the record straight apple. Podcast I tunes is are the number one place. Podcasts are downloaded period. It's not just Lipson data. That says that but everyone else in the space as well charitable just released numbers that were pretty much darn close to ours within one percent for spotify and with one percent for apple and I have talked to others that are pretty close as well and and I should stop and point this out. Spotify numbers great. I've said this many times is great having a solid number two. But there's a big big gap between number one at sixty percent and number two at eleven point six and last time I checked sixty percent is Kinda SORTA more than eleven point. Six not equal. You hear me media research and Morgan Stanley. The numbers media research are just plain bad in my opinion. In how bad are they you ask? Well they got called out by. Everyone knows anything about podcasting and media. Research quickly realized their numbers were BS and way way off from reality which then left them with to clear choices one humbly admit they don't know the space and that their survey was off the mark or two they could double down on their ignorance and try to make up a definition for podcasting to fit their horrible report and much to their credit. They chose option one. Who Am I kidding? Of course they went with option to and believe it or not released an article titled Quote. Just what is a podcast anyway which they then try to change what a podcast was to meet their horrible survey see in their original report. They ask people if they listen to podcasts. An apple music well. Of course not because anyone. That knows anything about podcasts. Knows Apple Music does not have podcast in their double down chain reality posts. They said quote we of course know that. Rss DELIVERED. Podcasts are not available on apple music but podcast content and podcast like content is available there especially music shows unquote at that point. I was looking for the back link to the onion. We will actually link to this post from media research in the show notes because I think we all need a good laugh and cry. I emailed mark with media research early on and I offered to give him real data showing what people actually did from hundreds of millions of downloads. I will leave you with this quote from mark in that. E mail exchange quote. Yes we're measuring different things you're tracking analytics to see total market activity. Today we're tracking audience behavior and attitudes to present a view of where tomorrow is heading east or complementary methodologies unquote After that email they released that horrible post changing. What a podcast is. I don't think they care about being accurate which sorta you know is important for research to say? I'm very I know news and you step down. Yeah I think that one of the biggest things is that I didn't quite understand the behavior and and I keep coming back to apple music like I. Just don't get that aspect of it even if they are you saying like ours feed and then sometimes even music podcasts are downloaded and people listening playlist on apple music and all the stuff in house like. I don't think I've met anyone who has listened. They know they messed up. And the only solution was to try to rewrite. Change the narrative to say no. We didn't mess up. We we knew this. Of course we knew this. We're we just changed the definition of podcast because we're New Year and we can change it and the other thing. I not quite understanding. Is there tracking audience behavior and attitudes to present a view of where tomorrow is heading and so? I'm still not sure how I'm not sure how that's showing it not don't because the surveys like what are you doing how you listening well tomorrow. That's today right but if you look back at because of the tax because of the technology and the way that people are actually consuming podcasts..

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