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A Nanda Lewis overnight lows remember that it was originally hosted by someone named name Jhansi done and there was. I liked the afternoon program. What is the Nanda up to his? I'm looking this up and I don't want to repeat. I think one time I think a Nanda went to be not afterwards and now I don't know like sometimes they say within the Viacom family because Serena alcohol. This ad is a name from the past she was like one of the. MTV News Anchors Ansari now show like casually if you watch CBS Sunday morning like she'll be doing profiles and I'm like wow that's cool that's to renounce stayed with Viacom Viacom this whole time. Yeah Nanda Lewis Man. I had such a crush on a non to Louis. I would love to see if I could talk to anybody on the mystery create might be a non non to Louis. Yeah she's hosted while you were out a couple of times here so while you were out. It's a show on hosted this show while Mike was what does that Joe. I've never heard of this while you were out. Crew while your crew conspire with one member of a household to get their spouse partner roommate out of the okay so they can perform a forty eight hour makeover on a room or outdoor area. That's cool what does HDTV Chelsea like. All right okay. Got uh-huh maybe she wants to promote and I can talk to and onto Lewis. who was like a big time crush? Mind let's What are you going to talk to her about? You're just going to say like you're going to be like the Chris Farley. Paul McCartney. Yeah you remember that. What was your guys right now? Everyone one MTV show you have to pick one going Jersey Shore Jersey Shore. There's a little past like this like just in general that's your favorite. MTV longtime longtime all the green trl's at different.

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