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This week. I'm kicking off with a question about plants for doc and poorly ventilated spaces, and then I'll be bringing you some more insights from my Dutch trip will be finding out why it's the Koreans who are the best at cactus grafting. And why smaller is better when it comes to breeding a garvey's, but first we're making up this week. So let's deal with our question. It comes through Fatima. She wants to spruce up the place where she lives, which is rented accommodation, and she's worried because it's got terrible ventilation and some areas, especially the staircase get very little sunlight, she's trying to find plants the conservative in these areas and will help to clean the air, but she can't find enough material or resources, she wants applaud in her room and the bathroom both have windows, but also radiators she doesn't want to get plants that won't be able to. Survive and she wants spill to take care of them. Well, I'm sure I can help. There are many aspects to this question, and it's difficult to know where to start let's start with ventilation. Poor ventilation can be a problem for some house plants that are likely to get things like powdery mildew. I've thinking of things like well prime candidate might be something like an impatience or Pagonia these plants tend to succumb to powdery mildew mill g which looks like a kind of dusting of white on the surface of the leaves. It's a fungal infection. And this often happens when the plant isn't getting enough air circulation. So I'd have those kind of plants if you want to improve ventilation. Well, of course, you can always open a window. I guess on a staircase. That's not so easy. You can also introduce some fans into the environment. Just to keep the air moving make sure they're not trained on the plants, but on the in-between. But I wouldn't worry too much about terrible ventilation in terms of a lot of the common house plants, which will be more troubled by drafts of cold de than they would be by stagnant. In fact, some houseplants might actually help to improve the air quality, which is something that you're ofter. I should say upcoming episode which is going to major on this issue how to improve air quality with house plants, and I'm talking to researcher who's been studying this looking at how the volatile organic compounds. In other words, air pollutants can be removed by house plants, or at least some house blondes and also how CO two carbon dioxide can be processed by house plants. There's a lot to it. That's why I'm dedicating an whole episode to it. But basically, one of the things you should bear in mind is that a lot of those activities of removing pollutants and CO two only happen at quite high light concentrations. So. So in Fatma's dark corners of her flats or -partment, she's unlikely to find that the plants are doing a massive amount. In terms of cleaning up the air. I think you've gotta plump for the real toughie of the house plant world. I hasten to go on again about aspe- districts, in fact, just to say if you do want to him he took a bit more about aspe- districts again Choon into the hot house podcast, which I'm featuring on this week. I'll put the link in my show notes or just Google hothouse. Jane Perron and you'll find me there. It's a chance for me to bang on about my favorite topics with lovely Leah Chana. Do you recommend hothouse as a fantastic Plotti pod? So do check that out. Although you don't have to starve episode, of course, anyway back to question. Yes. Aspe- district would be good in this kind of environment because they applaud that survived the terribly polluted air of the Victorian home. So they will be absolutely fine in. The stagnant air of your place fat my, and they also won't mind. The low light conditions much either try to keep the plants far away as possible from your radiators. The death knell of any house blonde. These being sat on top of radiata that dry heat will kill most things pretty fast. Interestingly peace lily, or specif- film is one of the best plants for removing VOC's and CO two from the air..

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