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Coulter following the house vote to impeach president trump the focus is now on the Senate which will hold a trial to determine if he should be removed from office speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding on to the articles in hopes of influencing the rules for the trial but GOP leader Kevin McCarthy said she's having second thoughts now we have the own speaker the house was so embarrassed she admits the failure of this impeachment that she will not even send it to the Senate aides are defending the president who lashed out last night at the late John Dingell the longest serving member of Congress ever in his home state CBS is Steven Porter because we are the president told a Michigan crowned congresswoman Debbie Dingell thanked him for a proclamation honoring her late husband is looking down a piece thank you so much for I said that's okay don't worry about it babies look it up a posthumous dig it John Dingell was lamented by members of both parties White House press secretary Stephanie Christian you've got to remember this president has been under attack now for two and a half years tensions are high Christian insists Mr trump did all he could to honor Dingell Stephen Portnoy's CBS news the White House a labor dispute settled tonight's democratic debate will go on as scheduled in Los Angeles with only seven candidates who qualified it's the smallest of the debate so far CBS's ed o'keefe the candidates who are on station and as we said are likely to get questions about the impeachment vote but also about other issues more directly affecting the voters that's in part because polling has shown that Democrats overwhelmingly supported preaching the president but also want to hear about how they would defeat him next November it's the sixth and final debate this year another Chinese woman is arrested for trespassing in moral Lago CBS's Pat Milton has details Jean Luc was charged with loitering and resisting arrest club security reported Jim Lou to the Palm Beach police department after they spotted her on the president's property taking photographs in September Shanghai business woman was found guilty of trespassing and the president's Florida club Facebook is taking steps to stop attempts to use the site to interfere with the twenty twenty census tracked down his reaction to recent criticism of the social media site for allowing politicians to post misleading advertising Facebook also intends to delete certain content about the census such as when and how to participate as well as resulting consequences also banner ads that portray senses participation is useless and meaningless Marion on CBS news on Wall Street the Dow up one twenty four nasdaq ahead fifty two this is CBS news good.

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