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Help restore power to the island puerto rico governor ricardo will sail demanded on sunday that the contract with whitefish energy holdings be cancelled there have been questions about how the small company based in montana obtain the work in about provisions of the contract the federal emergency management agency has raised can concerns director brock long as part of a group of federal officials scheduled to appear before the senate panel some residents of maine are being warned it could be the end of the week before power is restored there following this week strong winds they knocked down trees and power lines across the region south korea and china or mending their relationship after the the deployment of a us missile defence system led to economic retaliation by beijing npr's a least you is in seoul china opposes a us missile defence system known as thad because of its powerful radar system it retaliated economically against seoul for allowing it to be installed leading to huge drops in tourism dollars flowing two south korea seoul's foreign ministry says the leaders of the two countries are set to hold summit talks in are now working to normalize their bilateral relations i'm dave mattingly in washington i'm jeremy hobson it's been three years since the water crisis in flint michigan which caused lead poisoning house flint today what we see in flint today is an ongoing crisis on the people flynn on the kids i take care of every day are still unfiltered water i'm still on bottled water something that has not changed that's next time on here now you're now begins right after forum this morning at eleven o'clock halloween morning it's four fortyfour traffic with ted anthony night back.

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