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Brenton you agree what'd you think about this week i do agree with her however i do feel that the fascinating slash headpiece was so amazing that is it it almost excused the vanilla of the look because i thought that was almost hypnotic there were two looks on the runway there were absolutely hypnotic this week and this was one of them i could not stop looking at that and she was so smart because she made sure to come out if you notice she came out with like almost like a crown on her head like everything was totally lying out and then she spun it and then she was moving her head in such a way work kept constantly moving i do think and i thought this before and i heard it on auto was in for raven on the raja and raven tooting booting this week that the cuts of the five i would have preferred it to be a little bit higher because right now it looks a little bit like grandma ish a little bit mom i feel like a real superhero would have it like way cut higher liana on in this one just looks a little bit like mom yeah i definitely i can see that i think it is a little bit how lueneburg costume e the actual outfit itself but i percents agree with rent i could not stop staring at her gyroscope headpiece oh my gosh just the way it moves and the way she moves her head to keep it moving that way like oh my god i was it was hypnotic and i absolutely loved it i i to this so hard uncharacteristic alpha looks like she could be wearing she could come out in a diaper like linda evangelista and if she was wearing that headpiece i would love it and to be fair considering the theme is hats entertainment if we're talking more about the hat than the rest of the outfit isn't that saying something.

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