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UK, Oxford University, Lifelock discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Have you heard about cold nineteen in the UK and their search for a vaccine and a trial over there there is such a decline in corona virus cases in the UK that Oxford university doctors who are working on a corona virus vaccine are worried that their vaccine can't be tested because there are not enough people infected with the virus in the general population yeah because the people giving the vaccine or a placebo need to be exposed to people whether have you heard about this it's it's it's out there it's a UK telegraph story not guarantee of the drive by media here is going to do their best to keep this one from him or at least in a reshape it redesigned but the cold nineteen vaccine trial which is being done in conjunction with Oxford university may fail because the transmission I'm covert nineteen from person to person in the population isn't enough not enough people know people aren't getting the virus such there is a fifty fifty percent chance that the trial may give no result holy smokes doesn't sound like a second wave to me it doesn't you know my friends every day that you're on the line you are likely to put your information at risk on the internet my information I mean your private stuff credit card numbers driver's license number I mean you may even screw up and and put your social security number out there somewhere there's all kinds of data that you enter into numerous databases every day on the internet because you're trusting and you're confident you do business with a bunch of various different online businesses something as simple as placing an online order can lead to your information ending up in the hands of cyber criminals these are identity thieves they're looking constantly for new ways to illegally access databases of customer information I mean they're they're constantly inventing new words new types of phishing attacks denial of service massive attacks any number of things they try you have to protect yourself and the best way to do that is with LifeLock LifeLock are the leaders in online identity theft protection because LifeLock continually monitors billions of online transactions every day of their members they are on the lookout for suspicious activity in every one of their members accounts if they find it they alerted the member and the member cast away in a whether it's him or not engaging in the activity now no one company can prevent all identity theft but folks I'm telling your LifeLock is going to do the best job at both detecting your online identity being in the wrong hands and in helping you restore your good name if an online crime happening a restoration team and is exactly they sit there in a restore you and I don't stop until they have fixed whatever the problem is they have.

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