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NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Hey, good morning. We have this very strong storm system moving in. That means a blizzard warning for the Denver metro area from ten AM until midnight tonight for most of us will see anywhere from five to eight inches of heavy. Wet slushy snow some spots down on. The Palmer divide could see up to a foot a wind gusts to sixty miles per hour today. So the promises the snow falls. It's going to be blowing and that could cause visibility to drop near zero even here in the Denver metro area. It's not just on the eastern plains tonight. Snow and blowing snow will drop to route twenty two mostly stole wrap up before sunrise tomorrow morning, but can't rule out a few flurries early tomorrow. Otherwise, just cold on Thursday with a high of thirty four sunny on Friday, forty-two sunshine for the Saint Patrick's Day weekend with highs near fifty from CBS forum Ashton Altieri on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM thirty nine degrees and drizzle here in the metro area. Now on Colorado's morning news at five thirty two the bomb cyclone set to arrive in the metro area. Is it feel like Christmas day, but in a bad way, bringing potential blizzard like conditions national weather service. Forecaster Russell Danielson tells us the eastern plains will get hit the hardest. He does not advise people to try to get on the roads out that way strongly. Advise against traveling throughout Wednesday midday through Wednesday night out east in specific key in the metro area. We're looking at the quintessential spring snowstorm Colby high liquid content. So won't be light and fluffy. At all it'll be kind of that that what stuff that that sticks to a lot of things there's a blizzard warning for most of the metro area that begins at ten o'clock this morning. So what does that mean for you? If you're trying to get around town. We'll see dots. Ryan Drake says the wet snow is going to create some very slushy.

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