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Favored intent can grow so i need this mountain of content. That's all coverage and building up power and building up authority to enable my page that needs the favored intent to go to the party. And that's the part that people miss is you do need this fortress in order to allow the whatever that pages and the mistake able make is they look at the search result in isolation and they say oh there's nine definitions on this search results page. I just need to go write a better definition. That's a piece of but if you don't have that foundation of content you don't have the invitations of the party and that invitation to the part is required so that favorite is handed shot. Yeah nobody fracture in the sirte google favored. So if you see pay. Google has some pages from a some pages from office. See this surpr- features whether knowledge crap wizards shopping fi local. But if there's other intense on you have a list ical and you have a definition and you have you know you've got to be thinking about your real estate that you can enable with this one power page the page that you except iraq for this. You have a smaller pool right now. And google can change that favored in overtime to. They could say tomorrow that all listed goals should perform for this particular weary right. The important part is to collect the entire pool of words that make up the pool of topics that then click to that head topic. When you're doing this now asus and understand you. Do you have the power to rank with a page. That isn't on the nose intent and most of the time answered that question to be not so you need to write content a satisfies the user intent and also provides information gain that your competitor now. So it tells they actually come to your site. You make them happy and they feel like they've learned of it right. Oh shocking right and you can't just get away with this formula and they're the only reason why people make this mistake of just building the one big page. It's because that's the way they were trained how to do seo but guess what doesn't work it only works. You already have the authority and you have this auxiliary bias and that bias is that you say i already right about this stuff so then i can write this wonderful page and it will perform the biases. You don't actually know your true authority ends of knowing that is very empowering. Here's what i think is interesting. I'm actually looking at the search results for crm. And i have an incognito browser session and a a non incognito a regular browser session and the search results are different. I don't think that should be too surprising to everybody. In the incognito window i get wikipedia a definition of what crm is i followed by top rated sierra imbizo ho- what it looks like cricchio with a what is a crm system more of a definition and then a similar page from hub spot. And there's a a yahoo page down there as well which is also a definition of it. Looks like it's yahoo finance now in the non incognito the regular browser session do you know what comes up. I hubs by off which was the fourth result from before. And the reason why i bring this up is i have a relationship with hub. Spot there the sponsor of the lead sponsor of the mar tech podcast. I'm on their properties very often. I look at their content regularly and we've been featured on their content as well. So google knows that i have some sort of a relationship and trust with hub spot because of how much i'm going to their site most likely and so that pushes their content up in the search results and said the reason i bring this up as we're talking about topics versus keywords if i want to rank for crm. If i'm hub spot. And i want to show up. I for crm. The first thing i need to do is get people onto my website in probably tail terms instead of just thinking about the head term so you need to be finding broader coverage so to me. This is the exact example of why does a topic matter more than an individual keywords. Why do you need to think about casting a wide net to what you wanna rank for as opposed to specifically focus on keywords. Now that's really hard to monitor. It's really hard to evaluate so when you're thinking about well all right. I've got these broad topics and people look for key words. How do i figure out if i'm ranking for. The topic talked me about evaluating a topic as opposed to keyword for seo performance. That's a great thing and two of the pieces to backpedaling through what you had stated one example you know. Crm salesforce that's their stock symbol as well. She can get an even a unique dynamic there that adds color to that particular search result hump sponsor great example of cluster development of illegal contact. Plus i like to say you got its jaw with t. Sometimes people go out and they just right teeth when they don't have the job sometimes. That's gonna work sometimes. It's not it's like throwing dice. It's going to work when you have some existing authority on semantically related things. You have a low competition zone. You can go right back. Read articles satisfies the intent. And it's gonna work house by is a great example of that where they've taken shots at explicit intent use cases and they've done well but they also built grape clusters and when they get one when they get one working throughout by the way. I'm going to answer your questions then. Is it working throughout that entire pool of pages all represents this massive power than they can channel power. They'll often channel. Those pounds does power sources landing digits on fact. But you can only do that when you're really powerful and if you wanna go check out really great example. Check out web dot archive dot org for humps by for all of their topic. Gloucester's contents and go back in time and wash how that's developed a really oil use case i with homespun but basically. How do you monitor this. You've got to monitor these things as individual pages. And you've got a monitor them as collectives both understanding the pages based on the user patterns the pages that users who enter a that they will likely see based on your internal linking structures but also the ones that all connect to the same semantic about nestor about -ness of the topic. So i need to know all the pages on my site that connect to crm. And then i need to go into my second year. It's contact center. Maybe it's customer service. Customer success maybe. It's some other topics. And i need to know alligators. I have that specifically focus on contact center or call center then and he didn't know my specific intent aids right gets. How do you get bs at your garage is. Is this really really specific question. Sounds like something that you've searched for. Recently my customer read article recently so you get a sense for the pool. Now treat that as a mass that you want to report on and then also you wanna know the standout agents. You also want to know the pages that have characteristics. That will drive new plants and the new plans. Maybe because it wins right if you get a a page trying to target head term or trying to target a topic and his ranking that the page doesn't follow through with right we reference that as an intent mismatch. I want to report on this pool. Because i can say i have no pages in my pool that answer this question or satisfied this intent however i got traffic from an it s the easiest sale for budget to go. Write that article..

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