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To improving diversity studies, this move is intended to help students transferring to a CSU so students may use the required course to meet a general education requirement. For their degree, a tuition increase for incoming first year students at the University of California is under consideration. The Chronicle says the U. C Board of regions will consider their first tuition raise since 2017 when they meet later this month. The proposal would also affect new transfer and graduate students, starting in the fall of 2022. Officials say the set tuition level would then remain flat for the student for a fixed number of years. You see, officials say their sources of revenue are not keeping pace with enrollment growth. A new release shows an improved economy for small businesses, although John Cabot check with the National Federation of Independent Businesses says they are quite out of the woods. Yet the governor and our leaders could really help them with greater tax relief, Fewer regulation and more liability protection cap attack says there was an increase in owners expecting better business conditions over the next six months. Earnings trends also improved over the past three months. He is hopeful that state leaders will keep this momentum going. The homeland Security secretary is issuing a strong warning to Cubans and Haitians don't come to the US allow me. To be clear. If you take to the sea. You will not come to the United States and Cuban born Alejandro May, Horace said in a press conference. This time is never right to attempt migration by the sea and the risk is not worth taking, and his statement comes at a time of continued protest in Cuba, calling for the end of the 62 year old communist dictatorship and the recent assassination. Of the president of Haiti in the coming months that morning Cup of coffee could cost you more Thanks to global coffee prices on the rise, prices have soared to a five year high. Experts say it's caused by dwindling supply and rising demand. World coffee production for this year is expected to be down 11 million bags from last year. Largely to blame a devastating drought in Brazil that is the world's largest supplier of coffee beans. The International Coffee Organization estimates that nearly a 30% of the country's arabica crop For 2021 2022 was lost to the dry spell, According to Wall Street Journal. The average coffee drink at a cafe is about $4.50 5. Years ago, it was $3.85. Now let's get you caught up on this hour's top national stories here on news 93.1 kfbk. The about face new covid.

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