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Something he could do Damage with on pitchers have been jamming him. They've been throwing a lot of, you know, inside that falls and sliders and curveballs that disappear and we went over the top of them. Um, I think he tried to wait for his pitch for the right one over the plate and You haven't been getting it and when he has his people missing right now, um, but I think we're seeing that the book is being written on Joey Barton that if you jam him, then you know he can't do a whole lot with the pitch and they've made the adjustments And now it's his turn to make the adjustment And that's true. And that's literally what a rookie has to do. He has to understand some of the holes that he has to fill in, and there's no doubt about the Dodgers exposed him and And of course, all these teams are watching games. They don't have scouts, Adam, So you're seeing the pitch tracks. You're seeing what he can hit on what he can't hit and it looks like Arizona is doing the same thing. But let's go on the other side. Of really, Ah, great game behind the plate Catching. Ah, bullpen Duchess was so stellar yesterday five and two thirds, only giving up one hit one walking three strikeouts. You know, when you look at Garcia Kun, Rod got Watson and Rogers Boy. They just threw so well yesterday, getting ahead of hitters I loved when God gave up the triple. He just kind of bear down a little harder and really pitched. Well, What did you see out of these five relievers that are? Is this something that we're going to see More of? Absolutely. It was nice to see Joey and Marlene Garcia get on the same page because he looked more comfortable than that. He had the last time I called him jumped out at me or what has jumped out at me in the past couple days. That's just how filthy camp couldn't honest. Whatever he did in rehabbing every diet should be doing that. Everybody should have a lot problems going ability. Ioan Lap problems come back through 100. That's nice, Mandatory lab problem aboard, lose a couple games and they won't move again. He hadn't had this stuff all last year, but he was not throwing triple digits. He was throwing 98 but suddenly Stop it picked up. You know, when you're throwing a cutter at 93 that qualify that off speed, you know that can't really be touched. He's always.

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