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Is insufficient in so many ways and more beholden to this kind of curriculum. I want to make it. So whatever money that the school is getting the per pupil funding. I would just give that to the family and say they should be able to, you know, arranged for whatever kind of educational environment or curriculum best fits their needs and their in their kids. It's up to them more choice and control, giving parents and families more choice and control. Over their own education options. That's the way out of this thing, actually, rather than trying to, you know, take control of the Legislature and then force you know what you think down everyone else's throats. Just let people go their separate ways and and that's the and that's been the approach. Many on the right have champion for a long time, and I certainly support Robbie's latest work at reason. Dot com is critical Race theory taught in K through 12 schools. The media says yes, and that it should be check that out, Robbie. There's very few honest brokers in our business, and I I really believe that you are one of them. So keep doing what you're doing. Good to talk to you today. Thank you so much. Take care. You take good care to that's Robbie. Suavity. The senior editor at reason, We'll be back in just a little bit. When we come back. I'm going to set the stage for a very important part. The guy Benson show today and that will be the appearance of Dr Nicole Sapphire. She's been absolutely I mean, a hero tremendous during the entire Covid 19 pandemic. We have Important news to update you on. We'll talk about the delta variant if you haven't heard, And I promise you if you haven't heard you will start to hear about this. We mentioned it once earlier today on the guy Benson show at the beginning about the Lambda variant out of South America, Peru to be specific. And there's some concerns early concerns about a lot known about it. But some early concerns about whether the existing vaccination um About the efficacy if it will, If you are well covered as you are with the other variants right now, If you've had the two shots or the one J and J, the Lambda variant, we need to learn more will bring that up at some point, and we're also going to be talking to Dr Sapphire about The president who knows if he just rift that you know if he just ad libbed it, But he said it. That they're going to go door to door. With the vaccine. I vote on the guy Benson show. It's a really bad idea. Much more straight ahead. This is the guy Benson Show. You're listening to guy Benson. Paid for by.

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