Iraq, Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton discussed on Best of Michael Medved


Or or an extreme oba common denominator embu horn grace america and we're going to i'll believe back home have passed them a hated obama greer family kourtney soren bush all for hater obama career long ripley we will be unifem trump who used to grip the same hoping for bob power if we don't get hold like iraq a yet you have a hold on i at the one thing he said and i i do think it should be corrected i think it's true that vladimir putin hates hillary clinton but he was kind of chummy with barack obama remember barack obama set off mike we're phone to dmitry medvedev the then prime minister of russia tell vladimir men first name basis that we go we can uh after the election we can work things out so i don't think it's true that putin hates uh obama or hates trump he hates hillary clinton but go ahead mopping so i think backup sanction proof hope a happy to with franklin see if collapse iran went through the same thing one you we had used the outcome tokdo wom you as we would wish bob natal oldest why you talk about why are you going to talk about russia jokes won't be frank since i know i i think you i think here i think you're right but one of the things that has been most encouraging to me sean about the trump administration so far is they've indicated pretty clearly they are not going to remove the sanctions and i think.

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