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Call me john john boy ladies and gentlemen since forty more stimulating talk kelly here with johnny window out irregular commentator johnny window this place some word association or i'll give you a word and naming you just tell me their situation what you think of them present leisure let's start off with paul manafort not looking forward to breakfast tomorrow being very careful what he does trying not to alienate his new neighbors paul manafort remanded to custody to jail because thanks to a grand jury he it was probable cause that he was engaging in witness tampering of not only us but russian propose witnesses within the muller investigation fire his cell phone they found that he was trying to contact at least two people that are going to be called as witnesses in his september trial that's the two that they have revealed there may be a lot more and with that you can claim okay you have violated the terms of your of your semi release of your bailey's out on ten million dollars bond just gone now which is gone say there's no evidence of collusion or whatever collusion it's conspiring.

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