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Senate, The House, President Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Let me give you a little fact joy to hear that i think is going to have relevant sore if you don't need to fade the music like they have now chicken wanna keep going for well uh the none of time in this segment to delve deeply into our next premise which is what the lead muller investigations all about but if this ever comes to impeachment where does impeachment occur house of representatives and then the senate is where the trial takes place and in the senate eighty two thirds of the senators voting to convict and in the house you need overwhelming support for the premise and the way the house and senate are constitute a right now never happened uh i don't i don't think even as much animus is there is toward trump among some republicans the idea of a helping to impeach president of your own party but the future remember the big hurricane a wiped out puerto rico the publisher of the newspapers in puerto rico is reporting that by their count three hundred twenty thousand puerto ricans have immigrated to the united states seventy percent of them to florida now the publisher of the purnell rican newspaper says in all of these people are very disappointed in the response of the trump administration to help prayer to recall recover she believes by the end of two thousand eighteen there will be nearly four hundred thousand to five hundred thousand emigrants think illegal immigrants in florida and if sixty percent of them registered democrat then florida ever voting for a republican presidential candidate may be lost for as long as we can see president trump a celebrated new year's eve at his club in florida and we've just obtain some of his comments to his friends and guess there the morning ankle is going to be something very all jamie the burning enemies amorous them down trump's first 28 tweet to charges at that he's going to withhold foreign aid to pakistan saying they're not doing enough to stop terrorists iranian state television says government security forces have repelled armed protestors who tried to take over police stations and military bases twelve people killed in nationwide protests across the iran the investigation now underway in costa rica into a plane crash that killed ten americans including a family of five from new york the.

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Senate, The House, President Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh

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