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Members expand taxfree health savings accounts and deploy targeted tax credits so we can help defray out of pocket call and shift power from washington to the states but not every senator and the gop as onboard kentucky's rand paul says the vote was too close to the current says denver him devote for it we promise to repeal obamacare the current bill looks like we're keeping large parts of obama care act one of the architects jonathan gruber is come out and saying array looks like they're not really repealing obamacare and i think he's probably accurate ball says he another three a three rather republicans cannot vote for the bill as it stands the fbi says a canadian man accused of stabbing a police officer at the flint michigan airport tried unsuccessfully to buy a gun while in the united states for five days the alleged gunman amorphous to a yelled alahu akbar before stabbing lieutenant jeff neville several times fbi special agent dave jelly else says as far as investigators no the suspect in the airport stabbing was working alone we continue to have no information to suggest the two is attack on lieutenant level was part of a wider plot nor the we have any indication that we was aided in this incident or at associates two was originally from tunisia a north carolina man who fired an assault rifle in side of district of columbia restaurant during his investigation of a conspiracy theory dubbed pizza gay has been sentenced to four years in prison edgar madison welsh was sentenced thursday in federal court in washington on wall street the down on by thirteen points but the nasdaq rose three more on these stories of town hall dot com amazing to realize but you know it's been almost two years i've been talking with you about relief factor and i can tell you i've been continually inundated with testimonials if you're struggling with ongoing backer neck pain shoulder hip or knee pain or general muscle pain pains any kind do what tens of thousands of others have done so six holy go to relieffactor dot com and ordered their threeweek quake start for just ninety ninety five one eight hundred five hundred eight three eight four that's one eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four greta is a drill instructor.

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