York City, Senate, San Francisco Teachers Union discussed on KNX Morning News with Dick Helton and Vicky Moore


Reporting. I'm Steve Cave and President Biden want schools to be reopening and federal health officials are finishing up new guidelines are CDC commissioner was Going to be coming out with science based judgment within. I think his early as Wednesday as the layout what the minimum requirements are new safety agreements are in the works for teachers in several cities. Susan Solomon heads up the San Francisco Teachers union. Part of the agreement is that the vaccination would be completely done before returning to school to make sure that people are in fact immune. Not everyone's happy. Beth Kelly is apparent in the district. I personally feel Failed by San Francisco and the school Board. York City has just said it will reopen middle schools this month. Correspondent Nancy Cordes says covert relief and a second Trump impeachment headline the next few days for lawmakers. Peach Mint is going to be the big attention getter over the course of the week. But it doesn't stop AIDS in the House and the Senate from continuing to work on the covert relief, Phil even as senators themselves are really tied up with this trial, we don't know at this point exactly how Along the impeachment trial is going to last. The White House is very eager for the House and Senate to vote on this package by the end of the month. In a brave trump lawyers call the trial political theater and want the case dismissed. Making a record seven Super Bowl titles for Tom Brady after last night's Buccaneers convincing 31 to 9 win over the chief's CBS is Jamie Yuccas. It's the first time the winning team's city has also hosted the Super Bowl. People here were elated to see their bucks.

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