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Three one seventy three nine ninety three ninety three facebook tony cats radio speaking of facebook this is cheryl activism now sure oxen has made a name for herself from her days at cbs when she was trying to report on on on a whole host of subjects and they would keep shutting her down they didn't want her getting certain stories out it was it was rather crazy what had happened to her over there at cbs that she had to resign from from cbs stories about her computer being hacked and being compromised because the basically they didn't want her sharing certain stories on on cbs it's really unbelievable stories we're of course about president obama that's where the stories were specifically operation fast and furious and a whole bunch of other subjects she declared at the time that it was amicable she's she's had much more to say since and she went through when facebook talks about fake news who would be the judge of fake news listen to this is books new plan to help crack down on fake news included collaborating with poynter institute's politic fact abc news fat check dot org dissociated press and snaps now this audience probably already knows the possible perils of all that from an atrocity standpoints relying on some of the very organizations that have gotten caught in compromising situations or engaged in transactional journalism or reported biased and incorrect news themselves let's take abc for instance abc has been accused in the past of shelving or skewing negative stories about its corporate parent the walt disney company abc misreported that there was a possible link between the conservative tea party and the killer in.

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