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There's an awesome separate at check it out our strong curbs and I would recommend it because I've been on this is about my second week so I know it's not that long by I've I'm already like I've already stepped up. My weight's like in almost every single workout which is so I mean it's so empowering with I mean especially when you're a woman and you may not be a strong and in many areas so to be able to do that just because you're just doing it consistently and you're getting stronger and you see differences and changes in your body and I think that the next time we do these scans or it's going. N._B._A.. A huge difference in the areas where I have the most <unk> body fat which is my guy annoyed which has ma but mike this is actually so they do break down into regional here which is nice. They have your arms. Your legs your trunk. which is the majority of your ribs the top it's lower than that? Let's say like you said it was like belly button. Now I it was basically like from where the ribs jobs do that Little Kirby thing and up the top your belly button up and then the android region is the lower abdominal like lower breast `ages up is trump and from them. They're like from the lower prestigious to like the bottom of your abs is android is like the average but I think it's just the lower average and specifically. I don't think so also then guy annoyed would v the next one which is the upper leg area but yeah you're gluts so the guy annoyed an android regions are your core yeah. Everybody talks about core. They're not just talking about your ads. They're also talking uh-huh gluts your hip lectures yeah this sort of thing which I had the most amount of fat in my guide and my legs which is very obvious like when you look at me I have always had super super massive powerful thunder size years playing soccer so that's where a lot of my massive. Your total fat tissue or is your highest region fat percentage. That's my other reason. Fat Percentage is higher fire in those areas definitely just lower because my total mass and that is only seventeen pounds and my trunks one hundred ten so there's no way this is one hundred ten forty or fifty nine pounds and my is twenty palce. Yes belly button down is android. That's the only way I can rationalize this number seventeen pounds well. My android is nine point three pounds yeah. There's no way your entire abdominal region is nine point. Three yeah. Okay trunk is says sixty. I got a lot of <unk> junk in that trump right but it's mostly muscle yeah I mean yeah by trunk is one hundred ten point eight. I will say <unk>. I carry most of my like percentage fat in my android but it's only seven point five pounds fact there so like it's not a whole lot of fat in the body terms of things it would only lower where my body fat down by like two percent to get rid of it. Maybe a little bit more but you know the trunk has a good bit of fat and as well it's thirty eight point four percent in it's forty two point five five pounds so definitely I think that's upper bell here so you know I've got a little bit of some love handles where I kind of doughnut thing that a lot of men have right in particular a lot of everybody has got fat right and so for sure that's what yeah that's what we see here like. I'm generally fit across my arms and legs <hes> my trunk and that's why I say like the trunks including because if you look at the scan on the upper body part it's not very much fat but in the lower part there's a lot more so there was off the skewed by trunk and I'm basing this off of the regional body fat percentages would put me in the twentieth beneath fortieth percentile for my arms and legs. We just got work YEP. I'm not I mean he can't target so this is one thing you can't target regions to get rid of fat. Now you can target apparently visceral fat yeah another part of our of Kim Yeah subcutaneous fat yeah so visceral fat for any of that doesn't now is the bad pen fat the fact that gives you. It's linked to you type two diabetes higher diseases is things like that so if we all picturing our lives that old man veterans like a six pack of all the time has like big round beer belly but it's hard it's not soft and Gigli like Santa Claus. It's hard visceral fat. That's in there. It's hard fat and it sits underneath your muscles close to the organs hate anger and the grinch the grinch is a great rate example of subcutaneous fat. Now is the fact that's between your muscles and your skin and his Gigli and pinnacle is the word they use in here right so if you can kind of like pinch every region and kind of pinch up some fat that's usually the subcutaneous and so visceral fat really. It's where your organs are so it's going to be in that trunk region. You know what is it the android region ah you're not going to have it in your arms and legs and stuff not a huge deal there so you know I have a three point eighteen pounds of my overall fat mass which again was sixty nine point three being this fat and so what they want for you to have the amount of pounds is zero zero target is to get that two zero as close as possible on this year. You're like a performance athlete. Most people won't get zero and be able to maintain zero so you know he tried to get low but and most everybody else doing the scans had a low number. Mine's pretty high so I listen. This is my target chicken dinner of visceral fat. Mine is at zero point one eight so I'm the closest to zero and the present I was talking to you like this is great. You don't really need to worry about this. Just keep doing what you're doing thing and don't worry about having to get it down very much because not very many people do except for like high level athletes but I think women don't have as much. I think it's something the I believe. They said this this to me but I don't know that man do tend to get a lot more more visceral fat. Women's fat is on like the outside of your organ like more of the yeah. Just it's just women are more likely to get their subcutaneous. Yes ben are more likely to give visceral fat so yes and you know I think not rag on my dad but genetic yeah I think there is a predisposition to have Israel fat and my family so you know that's where we're at but definitely that's my number one target out of the scan. I'M GONNA target my visceral fat and in two months. I'm hoping to get that two zero or less than one right yeah. Let's talk about your goals a little bit well. Let's so where getting close to the end of our episode. Why don't we end it with kind of now that we have these scans? What were some of the <hes> specific goals that you want to kind of do both for your next scan? Visceral fat kind of lowering was so like personally I've been hitting the gym hard to try and build up my muscles toned up a little bit and then try and just get that picturesque muscular. Look Yeah about your ask your workout routine. Yes so usually I wake up in the morning and this is something I'm going to continue doing. I was waking up in the morning starting with some lifting. I started doing strength training pretty much. Only I didn't do enough cardio really over the last month I think because I was looking at my body fat numbers and I'm like these aren't so bad. I figured the decks scam. It'd be a little higher. It doubled so I'm going to have to keep this new plan up which is new plan inspired by a friend of ours was to here yeah is I'm GonNa Start doing forty five minutes of Cardio every morning. So as soon as I wake up you leave I go to the gym I do forty five minutes of Cardio and now this is going to be long low intensity cardio by low-intensity. I mean my heart rate isn't gonNA go up much because for some reason to have a hard time getting my heart rate up early in the morning but it tends to spike like my heart rate the rest of the day so it's going to be long as forty five minutes of that every morning then I lift usually for an hour to an hour and a half depending on the exercises I'm doing Monday. Wednesday Fridays upper body arms shoulders cash justin back respectively Tuesday Thursday all lower body legs and adds though Mr Adding apps more to every day because I also also learned that that's where I have the least amount of lean muscle tissue so up my lean muscle tissue there as well in my android region so which is a common thing like for men the glamour muscles the Shoulders Arms Arms Yeah Trust Times focus on legs and avs things like that which looking at mine like you've kind of inspired me because my lowest total region fat is my android so those ads which H._r.. I'm actually pretty proud of and then so my that is also my lowest lean tissue which only seven pounds but out of the nine point three pounds in that region but my arms though are at thirty three point point four percent fat in their fourteen point eight pounds total four point nine being fat nine point three being leaned tissue muscle or lean tissue try to shoot over ten yet thinking played the life yeah house because that's not all my gym people like already. That's you know if you're doing the math year. It's two hours in fifteen minutes. There's more yeah so then. Usually I'll follow that up afterwards with either cool down run or something or not depends on the day because when Raven gets home we then go to the gym again yes before we go to Yoga Yoga. Yeah and I have another hour in the gym where I try to do fifteen minutes of high intensity running so there's it's a good benefits from high intensity benefits from low-intensity running like I said I have a hard time spiking my Harry heart rate in the morning so it's easier to the high intensity later so fifteen minutes of high intensity and then some light lifting because I don't want to blow my load before Yoga Tai before yoga yeah so some really light lifting just to practice a moves and stuff so anytime you're going to do a lift at the gym practice it ahead of time with like some lighter awaits. Make sure you got your form good so it's time practicing form for about forty five minutes or so and then we do yoga for an hour for an hour so all told I'm doing a little over three hours four hours. Maybe most days and really I've been consistent on that for about a month and it was a ramp up. I started doing just an hour a day. The first day I worked out this last month thirty minutes and that's like an hour.

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