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They don't stop them with closing the border, they'll close we'll keep a close for a long time. I'm not playing games. The president has also ordered all USA to El Salvador Guatemala and Honduras stopped because he says they're not doing enough to stop illegal immigration ABC's. Connor Finnegan covers the State Department. President Trump has threatened to pull funding for what's known as the northern triangle for months, but late Friday, the State Department confirmed the US would end foreign assistance to all three countries. Trump hinted at the move earlier in the day, we were paying them tremendous amounts of money, and we're not paying them anymore. Well, Trump blames the impoverished nations for migration US officials, including his own senior advisors has been years touting American insistence as crucial to stopping migrants from leaving by improving the economy battling corruption and eliminating violence. Connor Finnegan ABC news, New York. The president says the amount of money involved. Is about half a million dollars. Although it's not clear if that number is accurate attorney general William Barr says congress will have a copy of the Miller report by mid April. After the Justice department makes what it considers appropriate reductions, meanwhile, the president continues to declare himself vindicated based on attorney bars for page summary of the report ABC's Serena Marshall reports from Washington, according to bars summary Muller did clear the president uncle losing with Russia, but he did not reach a determination on whether the president obstructed Justice. In fact, it stated the special counsel states that well this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate tem. There's many still unanswered questions will finally be answered in mid April. When the four hundred page long report is expected to finally be released. There will be reductions. But Barr says there is no plan to get the president sign off. Serena Marshall, ABC news, Washington, Massachusetts, Senator Elizabeth war. Warren will be among several Democrats making their case to rural voters in Iowa. Today. She will be joined by Minnesota's Amy klobuchar. Both are attending the heartland forum in storm lake and they both are offering proposals. Designed to help rural communities. Democrats are well aware that they need to do more to win over rural voters, especially in places like Iowa, which has trended more solidly Republican over the past two election cycles. It's five thirty as it's time. Now for a Bloomberg business minute hopes for a trade deal with China helped to boost stocks and investors were anxious to buy shares of lift first big technology. Listening of twenty nine thousand nine Wall Street closed out a strong first-quarter with Friday gains. The Dow Jones industrials rose two hundred eleven points or eight tenths percent..

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