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But like do you want to, you know, do you wanna leave ESPN there's a lot going for you at this company, you could, but you have to if you're going to go up to your bosses and basically say, hey, look, I'm trusting my own talent. I can go somewhere else. I don't have to resign here. It's like you could. But maybe you're we don't think that's an apples to apples comparison. Like, let's try to look at somebody's not. I'm just trying to let's just say someone like higher up on the totem pole. Right. Let's say let it doesn't even. Let's let's just say someone is simple as like Jay Bilas. Right. Jay Bilas is the premier college basketball analyst ESPN's. Excellent Jay Bilas can go wherever he wants. And because that's not apples, apple them. Because Lukashenko everyone he's got the well. But you just said he can get he should be able to get an interview anywhere. He wants. But Jay Bilas if Bilas wanted to go to FOX, I'm pretty sure FOX would be like, okay, cool. Let's do it this way. Let's make it Bilas. Let's make it Reese, Dave. Who host college football college game day, right? He's an excellent host. He's probably had chances to go a million other places, and he has stated ESPN, but that would be the equivalent he's that guy. He just got that job a couple years ago. He's done a really good job holding that showdown after Chris Fowler. Did it for twenty years. And yeah, like he he can do things on his terms. Now. He's employed right now, but ties got ten million you he's got the money. He's got three more years of employment. Whether whether he takes a job or not. And that's what I'm getting at is that he's got the security of the employment, even though he doesn't have the actual empowers. Okay. So that's a different conversation. Wish I -gree with he's got. I'm not worried about Tyler when his future, and it's like financial situation whether or not you could ever get another job period. I'm just saying if you especially if you set out another couple of years, you're not just guaranteed to get a job. That's this. Good this. I've of an offer you're not you're not guaranteed. That's that's why you don't have. All of the leverage that's fair. Christie's in Gardena. What's up, Chris? Hey, what's going on with you? George. I you know, I spoke to you before. And I appreciate it. So I'm gonna try to say this real quick and get this out of the way because I know that you have a lot of people to get to first of all let me say to you, man. I got a lot of respect for you, bro. For the way, you handled that caller yesterday. Do you know what Nick was kind of a little bit disrespectful? But you know, I think he didn't really know any better. I think he writes up a fan. Like, I am I'm gonna tell you. I'm fifty years old, bro. I've got a tattoo all of the Lakers on the side of my ribcage, man. They let you know. I'm a Laker fan for life. I follow the Lakers forever meme, but let me tell you what I believe is wrong with it right now, we the Lakers. We we lost we lost. Mr. fuck, you know..

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