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With london clearly with our new world headquarters there we've got radio london which has become so important jews short term but john frame for our international in u s audiencia the frenzy that we observe it bloomberg every day of this analysis within a london in the united kingdom to somebody in coventry or aberdeen do they care about the brexit flow like we do it bloom berg every day i'm going to try and deal with this is delicately the as i possibly can if you're in coventry and you're up in the midlands in the united kingdom you agree with the decision to vote out you'll just disappointed with why it's been handled if you're outside of the united kingdom with zero exposure in the uk and a put the emphasis on zero exposure because if you have exposure to the uk you really do care about this but for me tom for everyone outside i got back to its way from muhammed are in a number of weeks ago on a visit to london this has set the uk runs the real risk of becoming a single issue country and right now is very much a singleissue countless story of the week for global wall street and we thank all of you for listening of bob since you've how many times have you flown to london over the years i like hundred 492 bob sage they hurt moving the europe like they dick that they would have to you have a nice summary of this the gloom the city's gonna die and instead of you know two thousand people moving it's been 22 people property at gunpoint do you of an optimism that london could stay the european headquarters of finance let there there are a lot of reasons for london to to stay the infrastructure look if our company if a company was starting a new and you say where are you going to locate in the area in the financial industry you probably wouldn't pick london right now because of the uncertainty but making a decision to leave in en and leave the space and.

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