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That's ah to win Saturday and Sunday for the last three weekends and you can't Be happier to host the post game on winds. We're finally going to change up on your next weekend, huh? Hey, now, come on. Come on. Don't drop it down on the No. No. All I mean is that they're going. They're going toe. They're throwing the Padres. Thatyou're right. Sure, but you know what? Every weekend a different weekend. You know that. Hey, I think tomorrow is going to be the best Labor day ever. Tell you what. Tomorrow's a big day. We're going to storm in there and get another win. Yeah, Tomorrow is a key game against Zach Galan. And we're gonna have the left hander's back in their Crawford had a little minor hamstring. Talked about that in a postgame show. He'll be back in there. We're going to have built back in or two and Brandon Belt. What can you say to him? You want him in that in that batting fourth or batting third with Longoria? Third or fourth. Have they always switched and Ah course your strips you will be leading off the left handed lineup will be back in there. So I'm excited to see that Dickerson would be back in hell Bride be batting second. And I want to see them. Attacks out Gallons at Galleon is one of the better starting pitchers in National League this year. I was going to ask. You know much about him. Yeah, we watched the TV that he set or tied a record, didn't he? Yeah, he went by it. He broke the record. But there was a couple times where the only what two or three innings in some starts, but he's still kept it under. I think it was three runs or less. But I tell you what, from the bin and beginning of his career, he hasn't given up three runs or Maurin any starts. That's the key right there in his last start to give up one hit against the Dodgers and and held them to zero runs. He's a good He's a picture that pitches on corners. It gets ahead of hitters. He elevates the fastball about 94 95. And and he's got a good breaking ball. So the Giants have seen him and and he has pitched well against them. But when you're trying to put the pedal to the metal, you've got to go through good pitchers. And you have to dominate this guy tomorrow. Somehow, some way they have to get early runs and we know what Kevin Gausman Khun do. Kevin Gausman been pitching very well for the Giants this year, and you just need to get him some runs, too, so he can kind of float a little bit. He's throwing 40 and two thirds innings given up 39 hits 53 strikeouts for nine walk so good good pitching matchup tomorrow. It's going to be that 5505 starts of the shadows were going to kind of be filtering on both sides, and we'll see if that's going to do any damage to the hitting. Hey, The last thing is, I would like to point out A real positive thing about this team picking up Mauricio Dubon after the play the other night, you know. Eliza came would lie down at that point. Go home. This team didn't do that. They came back and they picked him up and cap. Put him back in the lineup, and they got two wins. And now they got, you know, at least a split, but, you know, go through the series win, but The vibe of the team, and I'm just watching on TV. But sure it's positive and I think these guys would get along and they picked him back up and and he's he looks good at the plate. I think he's going to be a real good player for the Giants. Well, when you're looking before the games today, he was four for eight. In this series. We've got two hits. And then you got the triple back to back triples with Joey Bart. That was a key there in the sixth inning yesterday's game. Oh, and today took an old for three, um, just didn't hit the ball like he could. But again, you know, he's a rookie. So anything good about it still playing Great center field for the S of Giants and These are all positive things. What I what? I like the bottom. Once he made a mental error. We talk about the last day or so. And he said, Hey, I ran to third base with my head down. It was my mistake. Nobody to blame but myself for a young kid to say that and then come in yesterday. And he had a fabulous game yesterday. But I keep saying Let's talk about the two hits that he robbed the ball over his right shoulder. They went over the wall and caught in a diving catch in center field. He's had a lot of positives more than negatives. But of course, when you're trying to chase to get into a wildcard physical errors make a difference. You know that's gonna happen. Mental mistakes are the ones you can't have. And I think that's what he was pretty much upset at him about Yeah, absolutely. All right, hurry and a bad play, But But, you know, I think I heard J writes a one time that He mentioned that he always strived to play the perfect game. But if you asked him honestly, he said, he never actually played a perfect game. Well, it's all athletes do that. And it's It's always the superior players that really come out with those phrases. But you know Jerry Rice was outstanding guy, of course. All of us that watched him for so so many years said What do you mean? He had a bad day. He always had a good day. He had speed speed never takes a day off. And you know that, But I tell you what. It's the young players that were watching. In the orange and black right now that are really opening our eyes for the future. And once again, Mike, your stream ski is that kind of guy hitting 2 96. He's had some rough spots lately. They're really jamming him. In on his hands and elevate the fastball a little bit more. He's not really getting that ball out. Scouting reports really kind of pushing him inside on, Then you just keep going. Austin Slater back. I'm so glad he's healthy. He's a big big Plus in that lineup. We keep talking about Evan Longoria. He would. He's been playing so well today took in over four years 17 for 46 coming into today. And you could even go farther back with Evan Longoria 20 games He was hitting 3 42 27 for 79. 4 home runs five doubles in a triple and I just like him. I I just think he's been playing so well. This.

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