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Will wrap up until the fall in Harrison township dot report the time work is the eastbound ninety four exit ramp at north river road shut down checking the forecast cloudy skies today with a high of thirty eight mostly cloudy tonight mode twenty seven we'll see a few peeks of sun tomorrow with a high temp once again in the upper thirties more snow was on the way Wednesday night into Thursday morning right now with cloudy skies it's thirty five degrees I'm John Bailey of the patriot FM one oh one point five at eight AM fourteen hundred this is your money now the patriots to trade financial news GM says it will restart production from February fifteenth in China where the country is dealing with a corona virus epidemic that's killed more than nine hundred people on makers in China had halted production for the lunar new year holiday at the end of January Toyota will ramp up production at its new Mexican plants to one hundred thousand vehicles a year by twenty twenty one and a major step to shift production of its popular mid size to come a pick up truck to Mexico from the US the plants along with an older facility near the US border will bring Toyota's Mexican production to two hundred sixty six thousand trucks a year the number of people working at small companies essentially didn't budge last year even as larger businesses continue to expand their payrolls head count of businesses with fewer than twenty employees was essentially unchanged in twenty nineteen according to an analysis by moody's companies with five hundred or more employees increase the workforce by two point three percent this is Jennifer Gish anchor for the patriots and your money now find the gifts you'll love to give at macys Valentine's day sound like the ultimate surprise fine jewelry thirty five to fifty five percent off plus an extra twenty percent off with your card and top designer fragrances for everyone from misty your Ralph Lauren romance polo red mark Jacobs easy love anymore one even more check out Macy's star rewards for benefits no matter how that's a savings sign up now let me see even exclusions apply he when it comes to managing your wealth well what would you do if you know of a place to learn step by step strategies designed to help you make the right moves in the market a place to develop skills that will not only in power you but also build your investing confidence all while helping you move towards accomplishing all of your financial goals Sean Hannity here for online trading academy.

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