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For fifteen percent off today. Do we wanna talk this interview. Did you watch it? I didn't. This weekend was a working weekend. All right. So yeah, I did not watch it. I didn't even know it was happening. That's how checked out I was. And then like I said, I check this morning and I was like, oh my God, but. A lot of the same, I think. But you know, it seems like Leslie Stahl who did a, it's on sixty minutes unless his interviewer for once he came up against an interviewer who cut it push back on him of it, a lot of things. It wasn't the Fox News softballs. But I mean some of that I read the transcript and some of the exchanges were just like, I'm going to read this one. Lesley Stahl ask him, will you pledge that you will not shut down the Muller investigation? And Trump goes, well, I don't play anything, but I'll tell you I've known tension of doing that. I think very unfair investigation. There's no collusion of any kind. There's no collusion. I don't wanna pledge. Why should I pledge if I pledge, I'll pledge. I don't have to pledge to you. And on and on. She post-truth stuff Trump always does. It's, you know what it is. It's there is no truth there. You can't pin him down on anything. It is a brilliant strategy. Actally as support to president does not. It's brilliant because, yeah, they'll count ability. He's not even his under his supporters understand that he's not even trying to truth. Not a question of him lying because everything he says the lie, he's not trying to convey information through his words. He's just trying to convey his position is a power. Everything says the power move. I mean speaking of a lies, I mean, I can go on, but it's all the same thing she asked him about, you know, the kashogi thing and he's like, I don't know. Maybe maybe they did. Maybe they didn't. She asked him about Russian interference, and he was pretty adamant that maybe was Russia, but I think it was shaina. He was like going hard on China and also does matter because it's, you know, it's not our. Entry and is Russia doing stuff with citizens more of the same. Like you're seeing with Saudi Arabia. He does not care if basically care if despotic regimes, murder, people abroad, it will. He's all she read. She read a whole list of what Kim Jong does to his people, and he's like, well, can I say I get along with them. We have a chemistry and she's like, you love him. He's whatever. I mean, that's who he is. It's his, I'm in love with. It was weird. That was like even for Trump. That was weird. Yeah, but one problem. It's like embracing a world where Kim Jong can invert like what Trump wants to have happened. Why North Korea next they can deal with them is that Trump wants world where they can murdered on people at will and not suffer consequences. So if on can do that, then he can start integrate more with other nations and to not opened the country, but to deal with international regimes because he won't have to do that contingent on stopping murdering, his own people. We are totally part of the new exit evil aren't we are. We are definitely we'll get totally the cornerstone of. It. The lodestone so to speak to this morning, speaking of his lies, and I don't know how how conservative media's gonna spend this. He had said, we all saw them and he's called with Warren Pocahontas. So many times saying, she's lying. He said at one rally, he would. He would give a million dollars to any charity..

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