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Entertainment and secured the rights to recordings from thousands of artists including Beyonce and Travis Scott. The deal is considered a vote of confidence from the music industry that TIC Tac, which has 700 million users, is a vital part of their business going forward. Rally on Wall Street to start the trading month, The Dow jumped 423 points 1.6%. The SNP climbed 1.2% and the NASDAQ was a 0.4%. Papal shares fell in after hours trading following its quarterly report. Papal sees revenue climbing because of the boom and online shopping, but it is adding fewer active accounts than expected some positive economic data. US. Manufacturing activity hit the highest level in two years and construction spending was up for the fourth month in a row. Residential construction with the biggest gain single family home projects jumping 5.7%. I'm Mona Rivera at Bloomberg for news radio 600 Kogo. No reason Cruises is pushed back their cruise lines into at least January or February. Norwegian Cruise line Holdings is suspending it sailings through the end of the year. The action includes Norwegian Oceanic and Regent Seven Seas Brand's Norwegian says it will continue to work with global environment and public health authorities and it's healthy sale advisors. Guest with bookings are asked to contact their travel advisor or the cruise line for more information. The CDC allowed its cruising ban to expire on Saturday, though operators need to conduct mock sailings and receive approval for each ship Jobs. Analyst Robin Farley, who follows the cruise business, says sailings could restart in January, though February seems more likely that Nico Sola With tournaments now in place. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors will be much different next year Open seats for one of two Democrats in District one, Benway. So and Nora Vargas in one of two Republicans in district to Joel Anderson and Steve Voss, But district three years carries from each party. Republican Christian Gaspar is up for re election and Democrat Terra Lawson Remer is challenging her. It'll become the swing election starting which side has more seats and controls things like the oversights. The Health Department response. The pandemic. Supervisor gas far My opponent has made it quite clear that she thinks we have new too quickly in the reopening of the San Diego economy, Priest keep in mind at this point in time. There are so many Diegan is still out of work. In fact, about a quarter of a million, Sandy again still are unemployed. That means they can't put food on the table. They can't Before to take care of their families of the people in her safety net programs skyrocketed. We have close to a billion people who don't even know where their next meal is coming from. The only reporter is safely restore workforce my pint congested it till all of school reopens. We shouldn't have given businesses open. We need to find the right balance. A supervisor gas firing against Terra Lawson Remer. I certainly would differ with Supervisor Gaspar my opponent as she was trying to reopen and rushed to reopen the economy back in May and re open bars and restaurants away before I thought we were open for my place. You should be prioritizing opening schools, opening childcare, You sports this kind of thing for young people before we're trying to rush to reopen the economy, So I certainly would take a different tact in our current supervisor. But as the board altogether, I do think they've done, you know a fairly good job. For one would definitely have prioritized certainly will prioritize a more of a science based approach that really tries to invest in scaling up contact, tracing and testing, and I think if we had done that from the outset, I had more testing, we would be in a better shot. It's incumbent Christian Gaspar and their challenger, Terra Lawson, Reema, running in the swing election for the county Board of Supervisors in District three. Coming up next Darrin Smith will join us will have Mayor Kevin Faulkner on he will preview the race between the two challengers for his seat. Is he terms out? Be a pair of Democrats who are running with Barbara Bree and Todd Gloria to become the mayor of the eighth largest city in the country, which is currently the largest one in the U. S with a Republican mayor That will change come tomorrow night's and eventually her on next month when either Gloria or Bree is sworn in to replace Mayor Faulkner..

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